Tyre Balancing

When rotating objects are not symmetrically anymore imbalancing is inevitable. It can be caused by uneven tread wear of car tyres for example as the toe is not set correctly. That's usually noticable at higher speeds by a vibrating steering wheel and may affect the safety or even cause damage to suspension and steering. In this case use an expert for wheel alignment and tyre balancing.

Methods of Tyre Balancing

However, the tyre balancing should not only be done when problems occur, but at best with every tyre change. The workshops have special equipment. They simulate the performance of a car and measure the rolling performance of the tyre. Sometimes an electronic fine balancing is used and the tyres do not even have to be removed from the vehicle. An imbalance can be detected by both methods and then corrected by the insertion of weights inside or outside of the rim. They bring the mass distribution back into balance and are either clamped or glued. In addition, there are plug and blow weights.

Static and Dynamic Weights

Of course, it can also happen that the mass will not be increased, but has to be decreased in order to eliminate the imbalance. Then they are not working with weights, but with drilling, grinding or milling. Screws can also be used. In addition to the static balance weights there is the dynamic variation in the form of a thermoplastic tube with a filling of loose steel balls. This method, however, has not been able to establish itself in the market.

Wheel Alignment

If the toe on your vehicle is set wrong, you will notice it when going straight - the steering seems to wobble. Also oversteering or understeering in corners can be a sign of a necessary wheel alignment. But it has also an effect on the wear of the tyre. The tread will wear out on one side and the tyres need to be replaced sooner. Toe is the measure of the narrower or wider spacing at the front and rear between the wheels of an axle.

For drivers it is virtually impossible to align the wheels themselves. First, the measurement is difficult, on the other hand we talk about a millimeter range, which is unascertainable without technical and digital measuring equipment. But even the slightest change is clearly noticeable in the performance of your car. In a workshop or one of our tyre fitters the wheel alignment is, however, a matter of a few minutes. Use a tyre change for the wheel alignment ideally. The experts also know exactly what axle geometry is optimal - toe, caster and camber are specified by the vehicle manufacturers.


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