Hopefully, this never happens. But if it does, our tyre seals itself.

ContiSeal™ is a technology designed to seal a damaged tyre tread.

  • ContiSeal™ reduces tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (such as nail damage) are sealed immediately from inside the tyre thanks to our unique technology
  • Continued mobility and unaltered mileage - no need for an immediate stop or roadside tyre change
  • Driving performance identical to that of a tyre of usual condition without ContiSeal™
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Sealing punctures with ContiSeal™ Don't let a small puncture stop a great trip.

About the technology

ContiSeal™ is a technology developed by Continental, designed to seal damaged tread. If you experience a puncture by a small yet impactful object like a nail, there is no need for an inconvenient and immediate roadside tyre change. With ContiSeal™ tyres, holes in the tread will remain sealed even if the object that caused the puncture becomes dislodged.

ContiSeal™ is a sticky, gum-like sealant layer inside the wheel, in the tread area. The technology seals 80% of all punctures, reducing the risk of flat tyres. ContiSeal™ tyres are clearly marked with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly-available wheel rims.

Technical details

ContiSeal™ (Punctured)

A ContiSeal™ tyre has a sticky, gum-like sealant layer that is inside the tyre in the tread area. It provides an almost instantaneous seal around any penetrating object (up to 5 mm diameter in the tread area) in order to trap the air inside, keep the tyre inflated and you mobile, without an inconvenient roadside tyre change.

Standard Tyre (Deflated)

When a puncture occurs on a standard tyre, the sidewall can get crushed between the rim and the ground, leading to a potentially dangerous situation such as a blowout or the tyre slipping off the rim, which can make it impossible to fit a spare tyre.

Technical instructions

  • For optimal conditions, at Continental we recommend using a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in conjunction with ContiSeal™.
  • It is not necessary to stop immediately for a tyre change. Your journey can continue.
  • When you discover a puncture, we recommend that a tyre specialist promptly checks the wheel.
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