Optimal road contact in any weather thanks to nature: Shark Skin Technology.

The best way to move through water

There's a lot we can learn from nature. Take shark skin for example: At first glance, it seems almost slippery. But when you look closer, you'll find a structure that is similar to multiple interlocking teeth - called dermal scales. This skin texture can even be felt: When stroking a shark from head to tail, the skin is smooth. But in the opposite direction, it's very rough. As a result, sharks can move incredibly effectively through water; with less resistance when compared to other marine animals.

The dermal scales of a shark also have grooves running across them. These are the source of inspiration for our innovative Shark Skin Technology to provide maximum aquaplaning safety when using Uniroyal tyres.

Our tyres with Shark Skin Technology

RainSport 3

Summer tyre

The Uniroyal summer tyre RainSport 3 is the first tyre featuring Shark Skin Technology. Inspired by the grooves on sharks skins' dermal scales, the tread structure improves how water passes through and is dispersed. This reduces the resistance, while also keeping the tyre on the road. The result? Optimum aquaplaning resistance and safer handling.

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AllSeasonExpert 2

All-season tyre

The Uniroyal all-season tyre AllSeasonExpert 2 features an optimised tread pattern along with Shark Skin Technology for better aquaplaning protection. As soon as water is encountered, the pattern effectively redirects it. The water flows from the pattern centre to the outside shoulder grooves, preventing aquaplaning. This makes the AllSeasonExpert 2 a reliable tyre for the entire year.

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