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Questions about Delticom AG
  1. Do you also sell motorbike tyres?
  2. How can Delticom sell tyres at such low prices?
  3. Where can I find out more about Delticom AG?

Do you also sell motorbike tyres?

Yes we do. Visit www.moto-tyres.co.uk where you’ll find a wide choice of motorbike tyres as well as component parts (such as batteries).

How can Delticom sell tyres at such low prices?

The ADAC, the German equivalent of the AA or RAC, states the following in regards to tyre prices: 
“Our price table is based on a nationwide dealer survey by "Stiftung Warentest", an independent consumer control company in Germany. The displayed price is for a single tyre and does not include fitting and balancing. The prices listed are only approximate as we realise that they can vary from dealer to dealer. The reason is that tyre manufacturers sell their tyres to the trade at very different prices. The quantity purchased and the point in time that the order is made, for example, can have a direct influence on the trade price the dealer gets. The dealer himself has to cleverly calculate his own selling price in order to make a profit. The price-conscious consumer finds it difficult sometimes to make proper price comparisons.”
This is still true.
However, what we would like to add is that thanks to our international approach, we can source tyres from all over the world, ordering in large quantities and getting the best prices. This coupled with the fact that the modern business automated processes that we have adopted, along with our use of the Internet, means that we have far lower costs than many of our competitors. We can therefore pass this saving on to our customers in the form of extraordinarily low prices.

Where can I find out more about Delticom AG?

You can find further information on Delticom AG and its subsidiary Delticom Ltd. on the Delticom corporate website: www.delti.com/english/.


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