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Caravan Tyres

A holiday in the caravan - for many, it's the last word in comfort and relaxation. To avoid your long-anticipated trip being delayed by breakdowns, it's important to check the condition of your caravan tyres before setting out. Tyre damage and punctures aren't just annoying and time-consuming - they can also lead to accidents. As for cars, the legal minimum tread depth for caravan tyres is 1.6 millimetres. The tread depth should always be checked before a journey and the tyres changed when it gets down to 4 mm. Since mobile homes rack up significantly less mileage per year than cars, the tyres do not wear out as quickly. However, tread depth is not the only important indicator of a tyre's condition - there's also its age to consider. Over time, environmental factors like heat and UV rays can impact on the rubber compounds in the tyre, causing it to lose its shape. When this happens, it's no longer a reliable travelling companion.

Change old caravan tyres without delay!

The age of a tyre can be ascertained from the DOT number on the sidewall. The first two numbers stand for the calendar week in which it was produced, and the last two numbers for the year (e.g. 08 for 2008). The tyres should be replaced every six years. Check the tyre pressure before beginning your journey - and AFTER loading the caravan up. It should be neither too low nor too high. Crucial things to look out for when buying new caravan tyres are the correct size and the right speed and load indexes. Find out which tyres are suitable for your caravan before making your purchase. mytyres.co.uk stocks products from all big-name tyre brands, from budget to premium.