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If you care about quality above all else when it comes to your car, then the car parts made by PHILIPS are definitely a solid choice. You can equip them safely to your car and you get high quality spare parts for eventual repairs. Just browse the individual PHILIPS parts and pick the products that are right for your car.

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Philips Parts

The fact that the company Philips produces spare parts for cars and other vehicles, is little known. But if you have a defective headlight or taillight needing a new bulb, you will encounter Philips as a manufacturer of motorcycle and car parts. Philips primarily manufactures incandescent and LED bulbs. These are used for example as instrument lights, brake and indicator lights or as a license plate light. The lamps are individually wrapped, but Philips also offers so-called replacement boxes. These include several components such as an H1 lamp, a P21W bulb, a 1x P21 / 5W bulb, a PY21W bulb, a W5W bulb and a 10 amp fuse. These bulb replacement boxes are also available for H4 and H7 lamps. Philips parts are of usual good quality, but does not have to be expensive. This is demonstrated by the low prices on

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