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Bridgestone DriveGuard

With the Bridgestone DriveGuard safety for motorists has reached a new level. This new tyre makes blowouts less terrifying. Users of RunFlat tyres will now probably think: This is nothing new at all. But the Bridgestone DriveGuard goes one step further, because you need neither special wheels nor manufacturer approvals. With it, you can safely continue driving for 50 miles at up to 50 mph depending on ambient temperature and load of the vehicle. In many cases that is enough to reach the nearest workshop or even your original destination.

Bridgestone DriveGuard

Suitable For Vehicles With TPMS

The only requirement for the use of the new touring tyre: The vehicle must have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). But this is anyway mandatory for all new vehicles in Europe since the end of 2014, which is why the Bridgestone DriveGuard is therefore suitable for a large number of cars. It is offered as a summer and winter tyre and classified in the best wet grip class in the EU tyre label. This means: It not only offers safety through its innovative puncture concept, but also in poor weather conditions.

Very Good Driving Qualities

In case of a puncture the pressure loss is compensated by special technologies. The Bridgestone DriveGuard has cooling fins against intense heat generation. This also ensure that the sidewalls of the tyre are not excessively increased, which saves weight. Light tyres in turn have a lower rolling resistance, which saves fuel. The construction of the Bridgestone DriveGuard also leads to a more comfortable ride, which often is not as good at conventional RunFlat tyres. Order the revolutionary Bridgestone DriveGuard now in our online shop - it is available in numerous sizes from 15 to 18 inches.