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Apollo Altrust

Ever since its beginning in 1971, Apollo has created a variety of tyres fit for any kind of weather. Accompanied by the Vredestein brand, the corporation created tyres for all types of vehicles from buses, trucks, passenger cars, off-highway cars and even bicycles. By March 21, 2013, it has reached a peak of success, occupying more than half of the Indian Market. It has enabled the creation of trustworthy tyres that added to the safety of every passenger on the road, enabling stability on any kind of surface. With the right pair of Apollo Altrust tyres, your journeys will be perfectly comfortable.

Safe ride with Apollo Altrust tyres

A set of good summer tyres needs to be properly equipped for the dry road waiting in front of them. The new Altrust tyres were created in order to offer you a comfortable, consistent drive and a controlled steering no matter the state of the road. A light truck tyre that focuses on a longer life span and safety, this kind of product has a reinforced parking protection and an optimised wet grip that gives you control in any kind of weather. Its stiff thread pattern allows your stability during braking, and its composition allows for better fuel efficiency. Look for the right size of Apollo Altrust tyres from mytyres.co.uk and enjoy working with a professional online retailer that offers great quality at low prices!