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Yokohama Tyres


Yokohama tyres - because quality matters

Yokohama is known for producing high-quality tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, vans, trucks, and buses. What is more, Yokohama's selection of products incorporates both industrial machinery and motorsport tyres. Founded in 1917, this Japanese tyre company has enjoyed a long and successful history, being counted among the world's foremost tyre manufacturers.

Yokohama tyres - be prepared for all driving conditions

Whether you are looking for new summer tyres, sport tyre options, winter tyre choices, 4x4 tyres, or performance tyres for all types of driving conditions, Yokohama has you covered. From Yokohama GeoLandar and Yokohama BluEarth tyres to Yokohama Advan tyres, the company can help you prepare for all kinds of road and tyre conditions. This way, you can depend on your car's performance, even when the driving terrain is far from being favourable. The company's tyre experience has been and continues to be put to the test not only in the highly competitive commercial tyre sector, but also in motorsports. On that note, Yokohama is one of the official tyre suppliers for BRDC Formula 4 and the FIA World Touring Car Championship. That being said, Yokohama is a trusted brand for racing competitions. What is more, the company is a tyre provider of OE (Original Equipment) tyres for some of the most important car manufacturers - including, but by no means limited to Lotus, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Honda. This indicates one thing: Yokohama tyres equal unmatched expertise and professionalism.

Yokohama tyres - presenting the right features for an excellent ride

If high quality and great grip matter to you, then Yokohama tyres will definitely be down your alley! We advise you to assess your needs and driving specifications before choosing between Yokohama sport tyres, Advan tyres, BluEarth tyres, Yokohama GeoLandar tyres, 4x4 tyres, or Yokohama performance tyres that are the right tyre size and match for your car. At the same time, you should pick the tyres whose rubber compound addresses specific season driving. For example, if you live in an area with extremely though winters, you should choose winter tyres over all-season tyres, for unconditional performance and safety on the road.

Yokohama tyres - combining excellent performance and attractive prices

For motorists looking for premium sport tyres at competitive prices, Yokohama has plenty to offer, as well. On that note, summer tyres such as the Advan Sport, Advan Neouva, BluEarth, GeoLandar, and C.drive 2 product lines provide good handling, comfort, and high fuel economy. On the other hand, for the colder months, the brand's W. drive winter tyres offer security at low temperatures in various driving conditions.

Yokohama tyres - contact us for more info

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions regarding the tyre size and choice. Of course, you can contact our fitting partners directly, if you want to have your tyres delivered directly to a fitting service. Go to mytyres.co.uk for more information and convenient tyre offers.

A fitting station in your area

Your fitting stationTo save you time and money, we'll take care of finding a fitter in your area to fit the tyres for you -quality craftsmanship at a reduced price.

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