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Vredestein winter tyres

The Dutch tyre producer Vredestein, who is already more than 100 years old and since a couple of years is owned by the Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo. Originally the company produces bicycle tyres, but meanwhile it produces around six million car tyres annually. Vredestein tyres pass very well tyre tests of automobile clubs and prestigious journals - even the Vredestein winter tyres .

Even if Vredestein summer tyres are the first choice in the warm months - in winter they are legally prohibited in ice and snow in this country. No problem, because the Vredestein winter tyres go driving on wintry roads. Here, the rubber compound of the tread (Optimum Silica & Polymer Processing) differs significantly from that in the summer tyres.

Vredestein winter tyres - always front runners

For years, the Vredestein Snowtrac 3 are one of the most popular winter tyres on the market. Its serrated longitudinal groove improves adhesion in the transverse direction and by the tapered transverse groove, the tyre cleans itself and can be derived as snow and slush well. The tyre contact surface is rounded, making the water more efficiently removed - an important factor to minimize hydroplaning. For this utility for a wet road the Vredestein Snowtrac received very good grades on the 3 ADAC winter tyre test 2012 (205/55 R16). The cornering on ice and driving stability on dry ground is very good.

Wintrac xtreme are an excellent Vredestein winter tyres as well. The product was developed in collaboration with Giugiaro Design and distributes the load over the entyre contact surface - which leads to uniform wear and thus to higher durability. In winter tyre test (225 /45 R17 V) of the magazine "Sport Auto" Wintrac xtreme was presented for dry and wet conditions - traction and handling are good as well.

Snowtrac 3 and Wintrac xtreme are Vredestein winter tyres, which you can order on mytyres.co.uk. Simply specify the tyre size and select the desired speed index and you have all available Vredestein tyres.

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