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The Semperit summer tyre range


Semperit summer tyres present impressive all-round performance characteristics that make them ideal for enjoyable Alpine driving and safe travel on wet and dry roads. All models are also optimized for rolling resistance and help save fuel, which makes them easy on the environment and the pocket.

Semperit Speed-Life 2

With this UHP summer tyre, the brand appeals to drivers who expect sporty driving characteristics and high steering precision, safe handling even in hazardous situations and short braking distances. For this model, the tyre developers at Semperit focused on a sturdy outer shoulder, providing more edges that deliver grip when cornering. The closed center rib ensures high steering precision in response to even minor steering adjustments and at higher speeds. Together with the beveled block edges, this enables short braking distances to be realized. A cutting edge tread compound which binds polymers and silica even more tightly together ensures low rolling resistance with good braking performance on wet and dry roads. Compared to the predecessor model, the Speed-Life 2 notches up an extra seven percent for dry handling, mileage is increased by 15 percent, while rolling resistance has been reduced by 15 percent. Semperit supplies tyres for 15 to 21-inch rims with aspect ratios between 55 and 35 percent, and tyre widths from 185 to 295 millimeters, with approvals for speeds from 190 to 300 km/h. The range also includes special SUV versions with increased load capacity and a rim protection rib.

Semperit Comfort-Life 2

The key features of the Comfort-Life 2 from Semperit are reliable aquaplaning safety, short braking distances on wet and dry roads, enhanced comfort and low rolling resistance. The specially developed tread pattern on this summer tyre for small and compact cars outperforms its reliable predecessor both in safety-relevant handling characteristics and in comfort. Semperit supplies tyres for 13 to 17 inch rims with aspect ratios between 80 and 60 percent, and tyre widths from 135 to 235 millimeters, and approved for speeds from 190 to 240 km/h. Semperit offers special SUV versions for this model too, with increased load bearing capacity and rim protection ribs.

Semperit Van-Life 2

The summer tyre for light commercial vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato and Opel Movano offers not only safe braking in wet conditions and excellent dry handling but above all significantly improved economy. This increase in performance compared to its predecessor has been engineered through the use of a new tread pattern which considerably reduces the energy loss on entering the contact patch. The Van-Life 2 owes its extra performance in dry handling specifically to the far more sturdy design of its tread center. This design change not only improves the transmission of power to the road but also enables the precise translation of steering commands even with heavy loads on board. The fact that this has not impacted on the tyre’s excellent wet driving capabilities is due to the high-grip tread pattern with a relatively high number of wiper edges for more effective water displacement. The tyres are available for 14 to 16 inch rims with aspect ratios between 80 and 65 percent, and with approvals for speeds of up to 210 km/h.

Semperit is a tyre brand of Continental AG.

Continental AG
Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and networked mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 238,000 people in 61 countries.

Tyre Division
The Tyre Division currently has 24 production and development locations worldwide. The broad product range and continuous investments in R&D make a major contribution to cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. As one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers with around 54,000 employees, the Tyre Division achieved sales of €11.3 billion in 2017.

(Quelle: Continental)

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