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Tyrendo: Specialist or all-rounders – which are the best tyres for summer?


In warmer temperatures, summer tyres offer many advantages over all-season tyres. They are especially worthwhile for drivers who value optimal performance, and who drive a lot.
The perfect tyre for every customer: Tyrendo offers a wide range of high-quality tyres at attractive prices.
The shop’s comprehensive network of fitting partners also offers added convenience when changing tyres.

Tyrendo Holding GmbH, Hanover, xx.xx.2018. Springtime is tyre-changing time – at least for drivers who use seasonal tyres. According to the rule of thumb, the transition from winter to summer tyres takes place around Easter. If the tread depth is below the recommended three millimetres, or if the tyres are five years old and slowly approaching retyrement, those who are looking to buy a new set often ask themselves: Should I switch to all-season tyres? These all-round tyres are growing in popularity, and their performance has also improved in the last few years. The advantages are plain to see: All-season tyres eliminate the twice-yearly tyre change and the associated costs – costs which are even higher with tyre pressure monitoring systems, which have to be recalibrated with each change.

However, all-season tyres are not the perfect solution for all conditions. They necessarily have to meet far more requirements than specialised summer or winter tyres. This means that their characteristics inevitably represent a compromise. Many all-season tyres also tend to be more in line with the characteristics of winter tyres – after all, for year-round use they need to have the M+S- or snowflake/Alpine symbol. Therefore, they are made from a softer rubber compound optimised for lower temperatures, and have a lamellar structure, typical of winter tyres, which does not cover the entyre tread. The consequence: If the temperature remains above seven degrees Celsius, all-season tyres wear out more quickly due to the higher rolling resistance, with possible consequences for fuel consumption. In addition, they usually have a longer braking distance than summer tyres specially designed for these weather conditions. Summer tyres play to their full advantage on warm road surfaces, whether wet or dry. The goal of manufacturers is the optimal balance between the best possible grip on wet roads, minimised resistance, and durability.

“Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves which is the right tyre for them”, says Thierry Delesalle from the online tyre store Tyrendo. “This depends not just on which car you drive, but also on your driving style and how much you drive. All-season tyres are suitable for driving profiles with relatively low annual mileage, and in areas where weather conditions are perhaps less distinct, for example in cities. Summer tyres, on the other hand, are the right choice for high mileage and optimal performance in warm temperatures. They also suit drivers who enjoy sporty, dynamic driving, when the increased stability of specialist summer tyres really comes into its own.”

To ensure that everyone finds the right tyre without price being the deciding factor, Tyrendo offers its customers a comprehensive range of summer, winter and all-season tyres at consistently attractive prices. “We rely on a high-quality selection from all popular brands and for all requirements, from premium products to good value, quality tyres.” Searching for the right tyre is quick and easy, and can be done by entering your vehicle type, or the tyre type, brand, or dimensions. Current test results and customer reviews are also displayed, making tyre selection even easier. A variety of payment methods and rapid delivery times round off the shopping experience. To make changing to your new tyres as easy as possible, Tyrendo also offers the option of having them sent directly to one of 2,000 qualified fitting partners. They will fit your new tyres, and if required can also take care of old tyre disposal or winter tyre storage, and can perform a detailed spring check on your vehicle.

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