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Off on holiday with Mytyres.co.uk – but safeOff on holiday with Mytyres.co.uk – but safe

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Travel safely with Pirelli winter tyres

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has been well-known for years as a producer of high quality winter tyres, and the latest series offers a great winter tyre for every type of car. Whether the ride is a small or mid-range car, a sporty ride or a car with 4WD – Pirelli winter tyres prepare drivers ideally for extreme conditions like snow and ice.

Pirelli: State-of-the-art technologies for maximum safety

The product series Snowcontrol brings maximum driving comfort and perfect control over their vehicle to drivers.Pirelli winter tyres have a directional tread pattern with circumferential longitudinal grooves. The grooves channel water away reliably and guarantee hassle-free handling of your car when facing aquaplaning risks. Optimal traction – thanks to diagonally toothing block edges and converging tread bars – enables safe driving on snow and guarantees short braking distances even on roads that are heavily covered in snow. Just what you would expect from quality tyres by Pirelli!

Pirelli Snowsport for driving with sporty ambitions

The winter tyre series Snowsport has been developed with the ambitious driver in mind. Asymmetric Pirelli winter tyres are the perfect match to high-performance mid-range cars as well as saloon cars and sports cars. Pirelli equipped this range of winter tyres with a new, innovative sipe system. The geometric positioning of tread bars ensures safe driving and braking.

No risk of aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is one of the most dangerous risks for drivers. Pirelli winter tyres are outstandingly well-prepared to meet these challenges. Every tyre has four wide longitudinal grooves to disperse water extremely effectively. Once again, Pirelli surprises with innovative technology. Drivers can count on Pirelli winter tyres’ reliability and excellent performance in every situation.

Best test results for Pirelli winter tyres

Just like in many previous years, Pirelli winter tyres were again able to convince during many tests. Germany’s strong automobile club ADAC considers Pirelli’s tyre Snowcontrol Series 3 a very well-balanced tyre when tested during their annual review 2012. Especially under wet conditions, this winter tyre fully convinced reviewers during the ADAC’s test. Additionally, testers praised the winter tyre’s low wear and tear. Low fuel consumption as well as great handling on snow made Pirelli winter tyres a recommendable product.Other magazines and “Stiftung Warentest” – a well-known German institution for consumer goods’ tests – rated this Pirelli winter tyre and were just as pleased. The tyre showed very good handling in wet conditions, and when “driving on slushy snow” Pirelli winter tyres even won a place in the top ranks. The braking distances were well below average both when braking in wet conditions and snow.

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