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Pirelli Car - all season Tyres

Go Green with Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Two aspects distinguish the best all-season tyres: functionality and practicality. Pirelli all-season tyres have both. They impress with their balance in all areas, their good handling and the low noise level when rolling. The latest Pirelli technologies make these products a high-performance mobility solution that harmoniously combines the characteristics of summer and winter tyres. While mytyres.co.uk can provide tangible savings on tyre purchases, the well-known Pirelli brand has ensured that you can rely on a safe ride in any weather.

Main Features of Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Why you should shop at MyTyres

About Pirelli

The Pirelli range for all-season tyres currently includes eight different versions led by the ideal tyre for big cities where winter conditions are never extreme - the Cinturato All Season. Its scope of use is between -2° and +30°. Since the dimensions of this model vary from 15 to 17 inches, it is best suited for small and medium-size cars.

Main Features of Pirelli All-Season Tyres

The all-season tyres from Pirelli aim to offer a holistic solution that does justice to all possible weather situations, yet to be a comfortable alternative for a summer tyre that also does its job in winter.

  • Great flexibility at low temperatures
  • Greater firmness when the mercury in thermometer rises
  • Low rolling resistance and high mileage
  • Low fuel consumption and wear
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning

If you drive your vehicle mainly in the city, you should consider Pirelli all-season tyres as a cost-effective and practical replacement to winter and summer tyres that also protect the environment.

5 Reasons Why you should shop at MyTyres

  • Wide range of Pirelli all-season tyres in our online shop
  • Delivery free of charge for the purchase of two and more tyres
  • Favourable prices
  • Straightforward and secure ordering with multiple payment options
  • 2,100+ service partners for fast on-site assembly

About Pirelli

The Italian group Pirelli has been producing car tyres since 1901. Known especially for its use in racing, including motorcycles, the company generates billions in sales every year. With the Pirelli all-season tyre, the brand has a product on the market that customers have found to be extremely good in numerous, individual tests.

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