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Nankang winter tyres – budget, high quality tyres

Nankang Tyres is a Taiwanese tyre manufacturing company formed in 1959. Taiwan isn’t best known for its tyres, that’s true, but if you’ve driven a car for a couple of years, you might have stumbled upon the name Nankang more than once. In Europe, Nankang tyres are seen as cost-effective products that are well-suited for the onset of winter, when the roads are wetter than they are snowy. The Nankang SV-3 and Nankang SV-2, however, are high-rated fan-favourites, thanks to the high quality of their build and the perks they provide. Nankang winter tyres may not be as famous as Michelin or Goodyear ones, but they are great nonetheless. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on tyres, these will come in handy.

Nankang winter tyres – for traction in beast-mode

We advise you to look at a Nankang Snow SV-2 test in order to get a sense of what you’ll be installing on your car. Their grip in wet conditions is pretty surprising given that they’re cheaper than more than 50% of the tyres that lead the market. Steering, even on severely iced-over roads, is a breeze. Braking distance is a crucial aspect when it comes to driving in winter. This is lengthened a lot on snow, which obviously means that even if you push the brakes to the floor, it might take a few seconds more to stop than it would take on normal road conditions. These seconds can make the difference between life and death. We don’t mean to sound apocalyptic, but you know that the unexpected can happen on the road. You can get a safety boost with the Nankang winter tyres.

Nankang winter tyres – enhanced water drainage

Drainage is crucial during the winter. The water can remain in the grooves long enough to become ice. On one hand, this will compromise the grip and your safety, consequently. On the other hand, that ice can become tough enough to actually pierce or crack the tyre. Flat tyres during the summer are a bastard to deal with. During winter, you’d be more inclined to leave the car where it is and go to your destination by foot rather than repair the flat tyre. Make the right decision and get Nankang winter tyres. You can find them on mytyres.co.uk.

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