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Nankang Car - summer Tyres

Nankang summer tyres - the true sports feeling Nankang summer tyres - maximum driving comfort

Nankang summer tyres - the true sports feeling

The Taiwanese tyre manufacturer Nankang has a long company history to look back on, having started the business of making low-cost, high-quality tyres back in 1959. Whether the driver prefers a sports driving style or places a particularly high value on driving comfort, Nankang has the right product for every need. You may look for Nankang tires made in Taiwan - but you may also go with the ones made by subsidiaries, which are just as efficient. The models are tailored based on each driver’s needs - so whether you are driving from work and back or you want to take it on the race track, Nankang summer tyres can be a great solution. The manufacturer was known to actually equip famous racers with tyres - resulting in a race that was pretty much won with Magna Cum Laude.

Nankang summer tyres - maximum driving comfort

With the four straight and very wide grooves of the sports models, these tyres ensure the full drainage of the water during aquaplaning. Additionally, the new silica profile mix ensures perfect grip and high stability. This will provide a high responsiveness to steering even as you are turning a corner, but will also offer better handling when you are driving through obstacles. The lamella of the tyre shoulder reduces the block rigidity and allows a reduced noise level. This way, even sports drivers can enjoy pleasant driving. Furthermore, the multi-lamella design of the Nankang Summer Tyres reduces the surface rigidity and the transverse grooves have a noise prevention function. The result is silent, highly comfortable driving. Those looking for a smooth and comfortable drive may want to take a look at the Nankang run-flat tyres, since they work with this exact technology.

Nankang summer tyres - improved economy through innovation

Nankang summer tyres are made from an innovative rubber mix with a high silica content. This results in a clearly reduced rolling resistance, which contributes to a high service life. The special profile design of the tyre shoulder offers a reduced shoulder rigidity and avoids uneven tyre wear, ensuring the tyre remains at a uniform quality for its entire service life. This is confirmed by almost every Nankang review you can find online - all of which were left by drivers who were satisfied by the results. Look for Nankang tyres on mytyres.co.uk, the online store where you can get a great deal for a high-quality product.

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