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Kuhmo all season tyres – fit for every road

Having its origins in South Korea, Kuhmo is the kind of brand you go for when you have a big race coming around. Many drivers choose Kuhmo as their go-to, and you see them on practically every banner on the racing track. Still, this does not mean they cannot be used by the everyday driver as well. The Kuhmo Solus is the perfect example showing that the same tyre can be used on both the race track and the highway. Considering that they were made to offer strong stability at high speeds, they are the perfect thing to have around when you are rushing to get to work. The purpose of the Kuhmo all season tyres is to provide a safe, capable companion no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or completely dry and sunny outside.

Kuhmo all season tyres – the proper technology

When you are making an all season tyre, you need to ensure that it has the perfect balance between summer and winter tyre features. It needs to have lateral groves and a tread pattern that’s deep enough to provide superior traction – but it also needs to go fast and smoothly enough on dry roads. Basically, all season tyres are summer tyres that have received a winter upgrade. And like every all-season equipment, the Kuhmo all season tyres have received the snowflake symbol that attests they are good for winter use in most European countries. However, if you are in a country where snow falls in abundance, you may want to check some pure-breed winter tyres as well.

Kuhmo all season tyres – a necessity for travel

When you are travelling between countries, you do not always have the luxury to change all of your tyres on the go – at least, not all four of them. You can only fit one tyre in the trunk – and that’s usually your spare, in case things go south. This is why, when you are going to a warm country from a cold one, it is very convenient to have a set of tyres that can handle both seasons. And according to almost every Kuhmo all season tyres review online, they have a high resistance to both winter and summer temperatures. Look for Kuhmo all season tyres in the catalogue – the online tyre retailer that proves that low prices can also be associated with high performance and quality. - an offer by Delticom AG 20.08.2019 06:59