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Kleber all season tyres – a fine work of art

Owned by Michelin, Kleber is one of those brands that started off alone – but became part of something bigger when it was integrated into a major tyre company. The idea for Kleber started in 1901, but it still took a couple of years until any actual work managed to sail through. The first tyre was produced in 1910 – 9 years after the company was established by BFGoodrich. The name would also appear three decades later, as an homage to Jean-Baptiste Kleber – the one that actually got the company into the tyre industry. Kleber manufactures not only summer and winter tyres but all season tyres as well. They can suit most types of cars, provided you choose the right size and model. You may find a suitable one after reading an all season tyres review 2017, where various users left their opinion. Still, when it comes to Kleber all season tyres, every user showed great satisfaction.

Kleber all season tyres – the satisfaction of versatility

When you live in a country that has clear lines between summer and winter, it’s fairly easy to pick out your tyres. You go for winter tyres when the snow builds up, and you change to winter tyres when the snow melts. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury of clear seasons – which is why you might end up with winter straight in the middle of spring. For that reason, you will have to invest in a good set of Kleber all season tyres – all because it will be more versatile and less bothersome to deal with.

Kleber all season tyres – the perfect balance

Kleber all season tyres were made to be the ideal balance between summer and winter: the tread pattern was deep enough to provide superior traction, but at the same time, thin enough to increase your speed on the road. This is a very useful feature if you’re traveling between countries with different weather types. They can be used all year-round, taking out the hassle of you having to change tyres every year. The Quadraxer is a fair proof of that, and the Kleber Quadraxer 2 test showed that you do not have to compromise speed in favour of safety. You may look for these tyres on mytyres.co.uk, the online shop that provides high-quality tyres at a price that will make your wallet smile widely.

To the Kleber treads:

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