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Insa Turbo Tyres

Insa Turbo

Insa Turbo Tyres

Insa Turbo: Eco-friendly, Economical, and Quality Remanufactured Tyres

Currently positioned as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of remanufactured car tyres, Insa Turbo is renowned for its eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. Based in Spain, Insa Turbo has been at the forefront of the tyre industry since 1988. The company offers a diverse array of tyres catering to various vehicles and terrains, including cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks, and agricultural machinery, as well as versatile operating conditions such as winter and summer tyres, all-season models, tyres for extreme off-roading, aggressive-sports style driving, and more.

First-class tyre carcasses exhibiting no signs of wear or damage form the basis of their remanufacturing process. The company utilizes X-ray equipment throughout the production process, enabling immediate identification and rejection of products with any potential defects, thus ensuring only the highest quality products reach the market.

Insa Turbo boasts a dedicated in-house team of designers, scientists, engineers, and technologists who focus on the development of new rubber compounds and tread patterns. This continual innovation allows them to regularly introduce more efficient and technologically advanced Insa Turbo tyres.

Using a mix of tyre remanufacturing technologies, including hot and cold methods, all Insa Turbo tyres undergo comprehensive quality control, certification, and other necessary procedures required for new tyres. This rigorous approach guarantees compliance with national and international standards, enabling their use on public roads.

Insa Turbo tyres offer longevity, thanks to the addition of silicon compounds and other elements into the rubber to enhance wear resistance. They are known for their high acoustic comfort across all driving conditions, and an efficient drainage system that prevents hydroplaning or slushplaning (applicable to winter and all-season models).

Some of their renowned models include:

- K2 MT: A winter tyre offering excellent traction on snow and ice.

- Dakar MT: A mud-terrain tyre featuring a rugged look and a high resistance to cuts and chips.

- Risko MT: A contemporary off-road tyre that balances good road manners with the ability to handle any terrain.

- Sahara MT: An unrestricted tyre designed to conquer the wildest terrains.

- Ranger AT: A versatile tyre that performs well on and off-road, striking a 50/50 balance.

- Mountain AT: A mixed-use tyre that blends the aggressive appearance of off-road tyres with the sensitivity of on-road driving.

- Sagra AT: A recommended tyre for both 4x4 off-road and on-road driving.

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