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For highest demands: Goodyear winter tyres

The American Goodyear companyis one of the planet’s largest tyre manufacturers. Since the dawn of the 20th century, Goodyear has been fitting cars with high quality tyres. Daimler-Benz, BMW or Volkswagen – among others – fit their cars with quality tyres by Goodyear. Naturally, the high quality standard at Goodyear also applies to their winter tyres. Great handling as well as driving comfort and highest safety can be attributed to Goodyear winter tyres 100 per cent.

Latest generation winter tyres

Ongoing research and development leading to improvement of tyres is one of the manufacturer’s core principles. A great example are Goodyear UltraGrip winter tyres. Equipped with special 3D-sipes this Goodyear winter tyre performs well even under the most wintery conditions with ice and snow. The vehicle maintains a high degree of stability when cornering or braking abruptly. This adds tremendously to the driver’s sense of safety at all times.

Totally convincing reviews for Goodyear winter tyres

Just like previous launches, Goodyear winter tyres’ latest generation again won top marks in multiple tests. Reviewers of the well-respected German magazine “Autozeitung” as well as “Auto Club Europa” (ACE) testers awarded winter tyres by Goodyear positions in the upper echelons. The tyres’ perfect balance and high degree of safety on snow-covered roads was acknowledged. Additionally, even under wet conditions Goodyear winter tyres show outstanding road safety. When confronted with aquaplaning risks, the latest Goodyear winter tyre’s performance was absolutely convincing.

Innovative technology for utmost convenience and comfort while driving

For excellent performance, irrespective of weather conditions, Goodyear winter tyres are equipped with latest technology. Goodyear’s UltraGrip 8 for example works with 3D-BIS Technology (Block Interlocking System) across the winter tyres’ entire contact surface. By implementing this technology, Goodyear managed to increase the number of sipes. Therefore, drivers benefit from better grip on ice and snow. To guarantee utmost safety on wet and dry roads, Goodyear always relies on stiff and solid tread blocks for winter tyres. This is why engineers at Goodyear developed the innovative 3D Interlocking Effect. As soon as the tread blocks touch the road, the sipes interlock. The result is extraordinary stiffness which is necessary for easy handling and safe steering both on dry and wet streets.

Low noise and fuel efficient driving with Goodyear winter tyres

Goodyear winter tyres don’t just make driving convenient and safe but score with other properties, too. For instance, the tyre manufacturer managed to steadily decrease rolling resistance resulting in lower wear and tear and less fuel consumption hence reducing CO2 emissions – great for drivers and the environment.

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