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Gislaved Car - winter Tyres

Gislaved winter tyres - delivering since 1893

Gislaved was founded in 1893 in Sweden, but even though it's such an old brand, it started to acquire recognition when it was purchased by Continental AG, the German automotive giant. As if the brand hadn't taken enough turns, Continental AG ceased to manufacture tyres under the name of Gislaved in Germany, and this is how the production was moved entirely to Romania. Gislaved Nordfrost 2 and Gislaved Nordfrost 3 are among their best tyres, having received uncountable favourable reviews throughout the years. At the moment, Gislaved is a name of reference in the European market of tyres, particularly in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, among others. If you're bracing yourself for the winter, you might want to consider upgrading your vehicle with Gislaved winter tyres.

Gislaved winter tyres - short braking distances

The braking distance of a car (which is obviously interconnected with the quality of the tyres) can be a huge problem during the winter season. The rubber in common tyres does not have the tread patterns that winter tyres require in order to stop the car dead in its tracks once you push the brakes. People often underestimate the technology and the craftsmanship that go into making reliable winter tyres. First of all, as we've mentioned, they've got specially designed patterns that improve steering and overall manoeuvrability. Second of all, they might feature iron studs that rip into the ice, thus increasing the traction of the car, no matter how icy or sludgy the road is. Third of all, most winter tyres are made with carbon and polymers that have been shown to make driving during the winter a breeze. All of these are, as you might expect, offered by the Gislaved winter tyres.

Gislaved winter tyres - affordable and durable

By reading a Gislaved tyres review, you'll see that the manufacturer makes no compromises when it comes to finding the perfect balance between price and quality. As a consequence, Gislaved provided some of the most cost-effective winter tyres that you can find nowadays. Their tyres offer all the stability a car needs in order to be able to recover from incipient skids. If you're not willing to overpay for winter tyres just to find out that they're not that qualitative as you expected, the Gislaved winter tyres from mytyres.co.uk are a natural choice.

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