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Fulda Tyres


Affordable tyres of great German quality for high performance History of Fulda Wide array of products Summer tyres Winter tyres All-season tyres User reviews

Affordable tyres of great German quality for high performance

Fulda tyres is a popular German brand widely recognised for its technological innovations. With over a century-long tradition in the tyre manufacturing business, it emphasises high performance regardless of the weather and road conditions as well as driver’s safety.

Engineering excellence, rich heritage, optimisation, and reasonable prices are just some of the many qualities attributed to this famous brand. Their philosophy of great value for money is a wise option for smart buyers and the preferred choice for numerous German drivers.

As a part of the renowned Goodyear group, Fulda successfully manages to produce approximately 8 million tyres every year distributed to 28 European countries.

History of Fulda

Wide Array Of Products

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History of Fulda

The German city of Fulda is home to one of the popular and world-known tyre brands under the same name. Founded in 1900 by Moritz Hasenclever and Gustav Becker, this brand was first recognised for a wide variety of items made of high-quality rubber. A year later, they started producing tyres for horse carriages and strollers. It wasn’t until 1906 that this German company started manufacturing specialised tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.

The business continued to develop, and in 1910, the product assortment was broadened to offer ten bicycle tyres for numerous purposes. The manufacturers were so confident in the quality of their tyres that they gave a one-year warranty on every model sold. At the same time, innovation was taking place in the production of tyres for motor vehicles as well. Consequently, the owners decided to devote themselves entirely to manufacturing tyres of great quality instead of technical rubber products.

The 1920s marked the rapid growth of the company and its expansion on the German market. The goal for this decade was to make a smooth transition from rubber tyres to pneumatic ones to offer a better and more comfortable driving experience to the customers. The first such attempt was with Fulda Elastic truck tyre, which turned out to be a complete success. As a result, the whole production from now on focused solely on pneumatic tyres.

The following decade began favourably as the brand managed to attract public attention by presenting innovative and appealing cars and trucks at the Berlin Moto Show on two different occasions, in 1933 and 1935.

Unfortunately, all the hard work and immense effort came to nothing thanks to the Second World War and air raids, which demolished the factories. For the company to rise from the ashes, a lot of reconstruction took place in the war’s aftermath. For this reason, it shortly returned to manufacturing industrial rubber products. Starting from 1946, they got back on the right track to producing first-class tyres.

Apart from celebrating the 50th anniversary, the company continued fostering innovation during the 1950s and produced the first-ever winter tyres for muddy and snowy conditions. In the following years, a series of ground breaking products, such as tubeless tyres for motor cars, was put on the market achieving great success.

Several decades of hard work finally paid off as the company joined the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company, the world-famous tyre manufacturing enterprise, in 1966. Such a momentous change only boosted the production and invention process of Fulda. The brand was so reliable and dependable at the time that it was selected as the sole tyre supplier for the legendary Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman.

At the beginning of the 1970s, this German tyre manufacturer relied on steel belts for a better and safer ride in motor cars, while simultaneously working on special tyres for snowy road conditions. Towards the end of the decade, it completely monopolised the market with the original low profile tyres.

Throughout the 80s, the brand continued expanding its product range by adding off range tyres, which were incredibly popular among the customers. Amid all the success enjoyed in both the German and global markets, the company introduced a new philosophy ‘Schwarz. Breit. Stark.’ or ‘Black. Wide. Strong’. enhancing the brand’s public image.

The 1990s saw some great and authentic products such as directional car tyres, winter tyres, and tyres for sports cars of high performance and quality. Equally important was the invention of Lasercheck, a laser-powered device designed to help the drivers measure the tyre tread depth in a matter of seconds. Today, it contributes to raising awareness of road safety and performance and assists drivers in making sure their tyres are effective at all times.

The turn of the century not only brought an important milestone for the German brand, as it marked a century in the tyre manufacturing business, but also some significant recognition on the national level.

In 2003, Carat Attiro, summer tyre for sports cars of high performance, won the Best in Test, an award given by the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) or the German Automobile Association.

In 2005, a TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) or Technical Inspection Association tested and certified Carat Exelero, tyre of high performance, to meet the quality and safety standards, making this tyre the first one in the industry to undergo such a relevant examination. Consequently, this model equipped Maybach Exelero, a luxury car with over 700 horsepower and a full speed of 350kph.

The owners introduced another remarkable and refreshing change in 2007 when they decided to focus on the performance-price ratio of its tyres to adapt to the newest standards and demands of both domestic and international markets. Fulda EcoControl line increases mileage potential, reduces fuel costs, and ensures a comfortable drive.

In recent years, the brand offers high-performance summer, winter, and all-season tyres. The production of winter tyres was taken to a whole another level with Kristall Control HP tyres, designed for the demanding weather conditions. These tyres were tested in Yukon, Canada, in 2013 when they set two Guinness World Records for “Shortest braking distance by a vehicle on ice” and “Fastest vehicle slalom on ice”.

More recently, Fulda tyres reap the benefits and continue working on designing, optimising, and manufacturing tyres with high mileage potential, low fuel consumption, longer duration, and enhanced traction.

Wide array of products

Fulda tyres specialise in manufacturing affordable tyres of great quality for motor cars, 4WD, SUVs, light trucks, delivery vans, and large trucks. In tyre manufacturing, the central pillars of the brand are:

  • Quality
  • Control
  • Economy

Highly skilled and experienced engineers and factory workers design and produce tyres made of special rubber compounds and other superior components. The tyres are particularly designed not only to offer high performance and good grip under different types of weather conditions but also to be fuel-efficient and save money. Therefore, drivers have access to first-class tyres of German quality, high control, and improved fuel economy for a fairly reasonable price.

Type of vehicle, season, and the way of driving largely determines the specific tyres one driver may need. This poses no problem as Fulda’s product assortment is immensely rich and can meet the needs and requirements of even the most demanding drivers.

There are tyres to suit everyone’s taste. For those using the car only to run daily errands, secure and economical tyres are the main focus when selecting them. However, for higher mileage and longer distances, fuel economy and noise ratio have to be considered. Fulda’s innovative technology in terms of the complexity of the tread designs guarantees precise handling, high mileage capacity, lower fuel consumption, smoother drive, and reliable performance during severe conditions.

Whichever tyres the drivers choose, they no longer have to concern themselves with their comfort and safety during their drive around the town or on some longer journeys followed by changeable road conditions. The tyres are made of a carefully selected mixture of hard-wearing rubber accompanied by state-of-the-art tread patterns optimised to enhance their durability and designed to help customers reach their destination safely.

The German brand relies on the materials of outstanding quality and tests the tyres before distributing them to ensure they are up to standard. The quality and reliability of the tyres are taken seriously. Using the 3/15/50 approach in testing, the company manufactures tyres to comply with the latest EU standards. The engineers conduct three tests on fuel efficiency, noise rating, and wet grip rating to obtain the EU Tyre Label. Automotive associations, organisations and magazines assess their performance by applying fifteen different criteria, while the quality control engineers perform over 50 tests to evaluate the durability and the overall tyre performance.

The assessment criteria used internally differ with specific products. Fulda offers three different product lines summer tyres, winter tyres, and tyres to be used all year round.

Some of the criteria applied to summer tyres are:

  • Mileage potential
  • Dry and wet braking
  • Internal and external noise
  • Stability at high speed
  • Cornering grip
  • Aquaplaning on straights and in curves

Meanwhile, the set of requirements for winter tyres is somewhat different:

  • Hill climbing
  • Ice and snow traction
  • Handling on ice and snow
  • Braking on ice and snow

The company is quite transparent as it regularly publishes the results of these tests online or in various brochures, believing it facilitates the selection of the right tyres for the customers.

Summer tyres

When temperatures reach 10 °C regularly, it’s time to replace the winter tyres with summer ones. Fulda summer tyres are specially designed for driving on dry and wet roads in mild to warm weather. In some areas, if the weather conditions allow, they can be used all year round. However, if used in temperatures below 7 °C, they can become stiff, and their performance significantly declines.

There are several advantages to this type of tyres such as:

  • Special tread patterns reduce braking distance on dry roads
  • Directional tread patterns in combination with Aquaflow groove design provide high resilience to aquaplaning during heavy rain
  • Better control and power of the vehicle when driving straight and turning
  • Low internal and external noise for a peaceful ride
  • Strong and resistant tyre materials endure high temperatures and enhance the duration and mileage capacity of the tyres
  • Tread patterns create low rolling resistance and low fuel consumption

Summer tyres are unsuitable for winter road conditions since snow and ice diminish the driver’s control of the vehicle.

Fulda EcoControl models

As of 2007, Fulda has been producing a series of summer tyres highlighting its cost-effectiveness. Fuel expenses are significantly reduced, while mileage capacity is increased. The construction of the EcoControl tyres and the tread patterns used provide lower rolling resistance and maximise fuel efficiency. In other words, they are eco-friendly as they cut CO2 emissions.

Relying on the latest technological advancements, the engineers came up with a silica compound that allows greater control over the vehicle and shorter braking in the wet. Combined with asymmetric tyre patterns, the vehicle can perform satisfactorily on dry surfaces as well.

With a much wider tread and a smoother contour, the models from this series wear evenly over time, so they last longer than other tyres and increase mileage potential. Also, their careful optimisation reduces internal and external noise for the ultimate driving pleasure.

Aside from the EcoControl original model, there are a few enhanced ones such as:

Fulda SportControl models

SportControl summer tyre series is carefully created to deliver ultra-high performance for sporty driving. To fit the purpose the tyres are particularly designed to offer controlled, balanced, and competitive driving experience.

The launching of the SportControl tyres was truly remarkable. Fulda revealed these tyres to the world in an event held in Inuvik, one of Canada’s freezing areas, at a -45 °C. High-performance tyres serve as an alternative for drivers of regular and luxurious cars raising environmental awareness.

What differentiates this series from others is the combination of eco-friendly features and confident control under different conditions in sports driving. Lightweight tyres have a lower rolling resistance, which results in reduced fuel consumption. Also, maximisation of the tread design prolongs the tyre’s lifetime and enables a smooth and comfortable ride at all times. Given the tread patter with progressive humps and silica compound with AquaFlow, SportControl tyres allow greater control at straights and curves and braking in the rain.

There are two models available:

  • SportControl and
  • SportControl 2 as the improved version for ultimately efficient performance on dry and wet conditions.

Other summer tyres

In 2005, Fulda launched a 4x4 SUV Road tyre offering great quality at a wallet-price. Thanks to their extra grip and precise handling, these tyres deliver strong performance. The construction of the carcass protects the tyre and makes it resistant to any damage. As with other Fulda tyres, this model generates low noise and performs well under wet conditions.

The following model, Conveo Tour 2, is a slightly advanced tyre. The customers find the maximum performance level particularly appealing since it delivers on all driving surfaces without any hassle. It is the perfect choice for driving longer distances owing to its fuel consumption and safety. AquaFlow indentations in the tyre design prevent aquaplaning as it drains the excess water much faster. The patterns and the structure of the inner tyre make it more resistant to damages of any sort. This enhanced model seems like a wise choice as it represents the perfect combination of quality, control, and economy.

Winter tyres

Before temperatures start to drop, the drivers should replace their summer tyres with suitable winter ones. No matter whether the winters are mild or not, it is better safe than sorry in case of a winter emergency. Although summer or all-season tyres might help drivers reach their destination during the winter, the performance is compromised, and the control reduced because of the snowy and slippery road conditions.

Fulda winter tyres are optimised for colder weather and snowy road conditions. In the production of these tyres, a particular silica mixture is used to deliver a safe and improved performance when the temperatures are regularly below 7 °C. Also, they contain tread patterns and sipes, which additionally improve the power over the vehicle on slippery and icy roads. The increased tread width helps sweep away snow underneath the tyre more easily and ensures a good grip. Moreover, the improved construction combined with quality rubber provides the first-class traction on heavy snow and mud.

One of the defects of winter tyres is the potential lack or reduction of control on dry surfaces. Also, due to the rubber compound used, they wear faster than usual and unevenly if driven on hot temperatures.

Fulda produces the following winter tyres:

Conveo Trac 2

A popular tyre model among van drivers, Conveo Trac 2 contains most of the features of its predecessor. Any defects of the initial model have been fixed on this one. Excess water and slush are easily dispersed with the AquaFlow grooves and the tyres excel in both wet and snowy conditions. The major difference from the original model lies in the optimisation which allows higher mileage potential and uniform wear of the tyre.

Kristall Control HP 2

Kristall Control HP 2 is the successor to the Kristall Control HP. The majority of the features remain the same except for the three important additions. First, apart from the SnowCatcher technology, this tyre contains 3D Bubble Blades, which efficiently tackles snow and ice. Second, the directional tread design distributes tyre wear evenly. As a result, the tyres have a high mileage capacity. Last, the lightweight construction saves fuel and reduces CO2 emission.

Kristall Control SUV

This tyre was modelled after the Kristall Control tyres for passenger cars. It is dedicated to SUVs and their performance on roads during winter. Aside from preserving all the features of the Kristall Control HP 2, the tyre is further reinforced to prevent sustaining any damage. This model is a good option as it successfully combines quality, value, reasonable price, and innovative technologies.

Kristall Montero 2

With this tyre, Fulda tried to improve any shortcomings of the previous model. Improvements can be seen in the introduction of special rubber compound and silica treads to make the tyres last longer and wear equally. Moreover, balance and grip have been enhanced to ensure a safe ride during winter. The fact that even after driving thousands of miles these tyres don’t lose their properties makes them a safe and profitable investment.

Kristall Montero 3

In 2009, Fulda launched the advanced Kristall Montero 3 tyre for top-notch performance on cold, wet, snowy, and icy roads. With this model, the German brand reached the peak of its innovativeness. Unlike its predecessors, the tyre relies on SnowCatcher and Bubble Blade technologies to ensure excellent grip at extremely low temperatures and all-round performance in all winter conditions.

All-season tyres

Most drivers are tired of changing the tyres each season, so the tyres from this series seem like the practical solution. Selecting the right tyre type isn’t easy especially when they have to last all year. That is why the drivers who decide to take this step have to carefully select the right model, so they can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride all year long.

All-season tyres are the convenient option for areas with mild temperatures and short snow seasons throughout the year. They perfectly balance between summer and winter tyres while their design is suitable for dry, wet, snowy, and muddy road conditions.

Fulda produces the MultiControl models, which provide precise handling during both warm and cold weather and excellent traction on muddy and snowy surfaces.

Slight limitations of all-season tyres lie in the fact that their performance reduces when temperatures drop below 0 °C. In other words, the grip is no longer consistent and precise as with regular temperatures. Also, the traction becomes limited on thick snow and ice.

There are two models in this series the MultiControl for passenger cars and the recent one, MultiControl SUV.

Both models have somewhat similar features. The directional tread design of the tyres provides excellent driving performance on rain and snow, while MultiControl indentations increase water dispersion. Polymer compound and the innovative 3D bubble blades enable easier control on wet surfaces. The tread patterns used dampen the vibrations securing a smoother ride.

Aside from these features, the MultiControl SUV is optimised and upgraded for high-profile cars with powerful engines. The rubber compound makes accelerating, cornering, and braking much safer and easier regardless of the conditions. The solid construction protects against any impacts and bumps that may occur during the ride. Also, the tread footprint is maximised which allows higher mileage and longer tyre life.

User reviews

Choosing and buying a new set of tyres is always tricky. Sometimes detailed specifications aren’t enough. For those drivers who are looking to buy tyres of this prestigious German manufacturer, but are unsure whether they are a good fit for their vehicle, results of the conducted tests or user reviews can help resolve all their doubts.

The overall impression is that users are satisfied with the performance and delivery of these tyres. They mostly praise their handling, low noise, and short braking distance. Their favourite summer tyres are from the EcoControl series because of the low impact on the environment owing to their low fuel consumption and the longer duration. Also, the drivers of SUVs point out the resistance to abrasions and longer duration of the tyres as the favourite features.

Meanwhile, Kristall Control tyres dominate the market as the customers compliment them for excelling in severe winter conditions and providing a safe ride throughout the winter season.

However, there has been some mistrust in the control and performance in wet conditions.

Despite the differences in reviews, Fulda tyres are rated as quite decent or great value for money. All in all, the majority of customers would buy these tyres again and recommend them to others.

Hopefully, everything that has been presented and discussed has convinced you of the quality and value of this German tyre manufacturer. In case you want to give the tyres a try, you can do so in My Tyres online shop at mytyres.co.uk. Here you will be able to find a wide variety of models for several types of vehicles at an affordable price. The order process is simple and time-saving while the user-friendly website and the search engine help you to find the preferred tyre model and manufacturer much easier and quicker. Waste no time and start searching for the perfect Fulda tyre on our website right now.

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