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Firestone Car - all season Tyres

Firestone all season tyres - a company with a long history

The Firestone tyre and Rubber Company is an American business founded on August 3rd, 1900 by Harvey Firestone. The company was originally based in Akron, Ohio and in the beginning, had only 12 employees. In the 1900's, Firestone tyres accommodated the needs of wagons, buggies, and any other vehicle used in those times. The initial CEO of the company recognised a great business potential in the personal car tyre industry. Taking advantage of his friendship with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone put together an agreement and became the original supplier of Ford Motor Company. Firestone was on the first place in the tyre supplier industry for 75 years from the moment of its establishment. At the moment, Firestone all season tyres are still in the top choices of customers worldwide.

Firestone all season tyres - safe in unpredictable weather conditions

The Firestone multiseason tyres complete a wide range of items the company is offering to its customers. Some of their products are Precision Touring, Destination LE, Transforce H/T, and many others. They can adapt to the needs of passenger cars or light and medium trucks. Its products focus especially on the safety and the comfort of the driver in all weather conditions, whether they're good or bad. The Firestone tyres target especially the users that constantly drive on urban roads and live in areas without extreme temperatures (light winters and summers), where the unpredictable changes in the weather still apply. The company puts a great accent on driving safely regardless of any sudden weather change. The Firestone all season tyres are able to evacuate large amounts of water in no time, ensuring that the drivers control the car at all times. The grooves on the tyres and the use of Nano-Pro Tech technology guarantee that the products are strong in wet weather conditions.

Firestone all season tyres - efficiency all year long

The multiseason tyres promise to perform well all year round. They are a great alternative for persons who want to save money and get a great value from their investment. The tyres are available all over Europe in over 25 sizes. The high quality of the tyre material guarantees a minimum of 50,000-mile tread wear. If you are looking for stability, control, and advantageous prices, you can look for Firestone all season tyres on mytyres.co.uk.

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