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Falken Tyres


Energetic, Sporty Tyres

Falken tyres are designed under the motto: aggressiveness and high performance. The mix of sporty variety, family safety and comfortable performance makes this manufacturer's tyres a recommended purchase year after year. Its wide range of products is available here at competitive prices.

Main Features

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About Falken Tyres

One of the outstanding features of Falken tyres is that they are pioneering in having specific measurements. Given the fact that this brand is heavily involved in the tuning sector, it is understandable that they have such innovations in its product range.

Convincing Falken Tyres' Sporty Features

In general, regardless of summer or winter orientation, these products always have a sporty character:

  • Aggressive and sleek designs always indicate rapid cornering and daring driving manoeuvres!
  • The tread pattern is always adjusted for good handling at high speed and strong braking power
  • This compound perfectly fulfils tyres' dynamic appearance
  • Adaptation to the terrain and the elasticity of the used materials
  • Less energy loss saves fuel and with that saves the environment and your wallet.

However, even when these seemingly energetic, round essential vehicle elements are mounted on a family car, they still offer driving pleasure and absolute safety in a class of its own.

The best thing about this brand's products is that you will not lose quality for the price we have stipulated, but you will enjoy the same guarantees at a better price. Buy Falken tyres at a reasonable price!

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About Falken Tyres

Falken was launched by the Japanese company OHTSU Rubber & Tyre in 1983. It was first established as a premium brand for high-efficiency radial tyres. Its creators intentionally chose a German-European name that means performance, energy and genuine elegance. Three decades later, Falken is known as an independent brand focusing on quality products continuously developed through testing in professional motorsports.

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