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Dunlop Tyres


Tyres of Irresistible Sense of Control and Performance

Tyres of Irresistible Sense of Control and Performance

With its philosophy "the more you feel the road, the more exciting the drive will be!", Dunlop is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality tyres with a very long history of racing success. The company stands for technical innovations and proven technologies gained through racetrack heritage. By working closely with other car manufacturers, putting the performance and durability of a great brand within reach of every motorist, this tyre mogul can offer a range of high-performance sports and luxury products that will satisfy the most demanding drivers.

Immense Product Range

Summer Tyres

All-Season Tyres

Winter Tyres

Sports Tyres

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Light Weight Truck Tyres for Hybrids and EVs

Environmental Awareness

About Dunlop Tyres

Constant Technological Development and Diversity

Pushing the Boundaries

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Immense Product Range

The Dunlop tyres often have asymmetric tread pattern and are designed for the urban roads. The models can be divided into two different types depending on the season. Furthermore, tyres developed in recent years have the 4-8% wider tread, which offers greater stability when cornering and more precise steering. Puncture-proof tyres, 3S technology and the confrontation with aquaplaning are attributable to Dunlop, among many other technological innovations.

Dunlop's product range is naturally immense, with some of the most popular tyres in the car segment as examples. Among the summer tyres that stand out from the crowd are certainly the Sport Maxx RT. Developed with the Adaptive Compound Technology, this model ensures maximum grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The polymers in the tyre compound were developed for motorsport. Now, they provide improved adaptation and maximum road contact, which enhances grip up to a motor sport's alike.

  • Summer Tyres

    All Dunlop summer tyres feature these and similar characteristics, including SP Sport Series with Max Race, 9000, Max TT and Sport Fast Response designs.

    Main attributes:

    • Kevlar rope - provide excellent vehicle stability and also safety when manoeuvering at high speeds
    • Special rubber compound - maximises the tyres wear resistance and wet grip.
    • The tread pattern with variable stiffness - enhances the performance on all types of road surfaces.
    • Flatter tread contour - the contact patch is increased by 8% on average.

    Reduces braking distance on wet and dry roads is achieved with the addition of silica and soot nanoparticles to the rubber compound.

  • All-Season Tyres

    As all-year-round tyre Dunlop offers the SP 4All Seasons. The all-season tyre provides efficiency that allows mastering the changeable conditions on the road throughout the year. The dual-silica profile mix is well-behaved at different temperatures, from summer heat to winter cold. It provides a firm grip on winter roads. The profile pattern creates an interlaced effect that offers excellent traction on snow, ice and slush. The snowflake symbol confirms that SP 4All Seasons is designed for winter conditions with reduced risk of aquaplaning. The tyre retains its shape at high speeds, giving you steady drive and even tyre wear.

  • Winter Tyres

    Among the winter tyres, some of the most popular ones in the automotive sector are the SP Winter Response and the SP Winter Sport Series with the models M3, 3D and 4D.

    Winter tyres with studs have a 16-row studded arrangement, which aims to ensure safe grip on slippery roads. A 4D sipe pattern provides comfort when driving on uneven terrain while maintaining perfect tyre stiffness for superior performance and safety when manoeuvring. Specially designed sipes efficiently remove dirt and water to optimise vehicle stability even on wet and snowy roads. Reinforced carcasses and sidewalls effectively protect the tyres from mechanical damage.

    Winter tyre models without spikes have diamond-shaped lateral grooves with self-cleaning ability to instantly remove snow and mud from the contact patch to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Sharper edges from the sipes maximise grip even on slippery road surfaces. The shape-retaining tread blocks prevent the car from skidding during active handling. The most popular tyres in this range are:

    • Winter Maxx WM01;
    • Graspic DS-3;
    • SP Winter Sport 400.

  • Sports Tyres

    There is no other sport where time is as precious as in motorsport. With such a solid fact in the manufacturer's mind, the optimal sports tyres are developed. Dunlop racing tyres are designed with great care to offer only the best to every motorcyclist. Here, tyres are made from a blend of technical innovation and years of experience. All mentioned is the reason why Dunlop has participated in motorsport for many years and with great success.

    It isn't only the owners of the vintage motorcycles that prefer the Dunlop whitewall tyre. Also enthusiastic about it are the motorcyclists with current machines. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers offer such motorcycle tyres, but in the Dunlop Classic range, you can find such tyres in various sizes of British made designs. These articles also bring contemporary safety and quality standards to classic motoring while maintaining their authenticity.

    The brand has always considered motorsport to be essential, and its technology and the knowledge gained from it are transferred to everyday tyres. Dunlop has achieved outstanding track and field results, including 34 victories in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans Endurance. It also boasts plenty of wins in several Formula One World Championship titles and more than 100 Motorcycle World Championship titles.

    Racing events were always means for the tyre promotion. And the pioneer in tyre business isn’t any different from his competitors such as Michelin, Pirelli, and many others.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Dunlop tyres are traditionally characterised by innovation and are continuously developed in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers. Many of the international car producers, such as AMG, Alfa Romeo, Audi TT, Volkswagen, BMW 5 Series, Bentley, Toyota, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Lexus and Porsche 911 Carrera, put Dunlop's tyres as a part of their vehicles' original equipment. Also, many of the electric cars producers decided to opt-in for the tyres from the manufacturer. To name a few: Ford Focus BEV (recommends winter tyre Dunlop Winter Sport 5), Citroen C-Zero (the owners propose Dunlop Enasave EC300+) and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (. It's quite hard to overcome the original equipment manufacturer such as Dunlop, with the most extended range, lowest rolling resistance and the best service life.

Light Weight Truck Tyres for Hybrids and Evs

Speaking of tyres for electric vehicles, last year Dunlop launched the SP346 steer and SP446 drive tyre, a range of lightweight truck tyres with applicability for developing driving range such as on hybrid and electric vehicles. Each is available in diameters from 17.5" to 19.5". Both models guarantee full winter compliance. These two lines offer reliable traction, increased mileage by "up to 10 per cent" and longevity in all applications, especially regarding regional distribution, long-distance operations as well as urban conditions. Tyre labellings for wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise level go down from E to D for SP346 and D to C for SP446.

As Dunlop director of marketing Benjamin Willot, Commercial Tyres Europe said, besides offering comfort for fleets, these tyres also foretell future changes. And that future includes more rigorous regulations for winter tyres and the growing use of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Environmental Awareness

In addition to all technological development, Dunlop's corporate philosophy also takes the ecological aspect into account. The company strives to present constant developments in terms of sustainability to protect the environment. Certified standards of international standing determine the manufacturing processes and help to conserve resources through greater efficiency.

When you buy Dunlop tyres, you can rest assured that annual environmental innovations are incorporated into the manufacturing processes. As a result, Dunlop has been able to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption, despite growing production figures. Dunlop engineers are involved in the development of groundbreaking materials that will help protect the environment, too. The company recycles rubber and polyethylene, plastic and paper, wood and metal, and makes every effort to improve delivery systems.

Emissions of nitrosamines have been eliminated from the production process, and emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals are in line with the Montreal Protocol. The polyaromatic hydrocarbon content has been reduced to 3% under IP 346. Dunlop is also dedicated to using solely raw materials from suppliers with a proven track record of environmental awareness.

Thanks to high-quality raw materials, tyres are resistant to extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

About Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyre Company has been in existence since 1888. The Scottish veterinary surgeon, engineer and entrepreneur, living in Ireland John Boyd Dunlop discovered the first practical pneumatic tyre principle that effectively absorbed all vibrations when driving on asphalt roads. He wanted to optimise comfort for his son, who had headaches from rough rides on his rugged tricycle. Therefore, he developed this inflated tube, which was made of rubber layers bonded together and filled with air.

Dunlop knew the scope of his invention. Hence he patented the technology and founded the company "Dunlop Pneumatic Tyres". The company was headquartered in Belfast. After a short time, further branches were opened in Europe and later also in Canada and the USA. In 1902, the company name was changed to Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd., and the headquarters was moved to Birmingham.

Right from the start, this manufacturer has stood out for its interest in research and innovation.

  • In 1908, Dunlop produced the first tyre with metal rivets, which led to the introduction of studs in the 1960s.
  • In 1910 Dunlop manufactured its first aeroplane tyre.
  • By the 1920s, Dunlop tyres already allowed professional motorists to reach speeds of up to 186 mph.
  • In 1922 it presented cord fabric.
  • The year 1948 was marked with the invention of the self-sealing tyre that lower the blowouts risk, today it is known as Run Flat.
  • In 1959 sipe treads were patented and from 1960 tyres that were resistant to aquaplaning. Steel-belted tyres followed from 1972 onwards.
  • In the 1980s the brand broke the one billion mark in its turnover.
  • In 2014, Dunlop designed Noise Shield technology aimed at significantly reducing vehicle noise by as much as 50%.

The year 1999 marked Dunlop's entrance into a cooperation with the US-based Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (ranked third in the world among tyre manufacturers) and the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries. It primarily included four joint venture companies in Europe, North America and two in Japan. One of them is Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Europe, which manages all Dunlop and Goodyear branded joint venture rubber companies across Europe.

In 2015 the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Sumitomo Rubber Industries officially terminated their global alliance. The dissolvent left Goodyear to continue to have "the exclusive rights to sell Dunlop brand tyres in both replacement and original equipment consumer, commercial, motorcycle and racing markets in European countries where the current joint venture exclusively serves the market."

Its history is inextricably linked to the innovations the company has introduced. History goes hand in hand with Dunlop's dedication to motorcycle racing of all kinds, and the transfer of racing technology to day-to-day tyres is a tradition that goes back to the very beginning of Dunlop's tyre business.

Constant Technological Development and Diversity

Today, the implementation of state-of-the-art innovations in tyres is carried out in three European development centres. The most important European research centre is in Hanau, Germany, with two more in Birmingham and Montluçon, France. Hanau has a similarly long tradition as the tyre manufacturer; the first foreign branch of the Scottish company was founded here in 1893.

The company's executives recognised the need to invest in the development of technology to maintain the company's leading position. Due to this, the Dunlop Research Centre was established as early as the 19th century. The company published numerous inventions that are important for the entire industry. For example, hydrophobic rubber compounds, multi-row tread patterns, rubber tyres or tyres with side plates or steel studs and self-supporting tyres were developed.

The brand also has a considerable presence in the accessories market. In addition to that, it has diversified into different product lines and produces sporting goods, industrial products, clothing and mattresses.

In addition, thanks to the delivery of its products to Formula 1, many aircraft used English tyres for their chassis.

Fun fact from Dunlop's history is that the company was the first to develop an anti-lock braking concept known as ABS (electronic brakes control that detects and prevents wheels from locking) in 1958 in cooperation with the Road Research Laboratory. The system called Maxaret was created for use in aviation.

This hydraulic system increased stopping distances of the aircraft when landing, as it minimised the risk of wheels to lock, even on ice. Moreover, it significantly reduced flat blotting and tyre blowouts, too.

Vehicle engineers very soon realised that the system could also be advantageous for cars. Jaguar Mark VII was the first car fitted with disc brakes (referred to in the press of the time as "plate brakes") that tested a mechanical ABS in 1953 Le Mans 24 Hour race, and in 1966 it was installed in the production car made in Great Britan - the Jensen FF sports sedan.

Pushing the Boundaries

Dunlop is still involved in all kinds of two- and four-wheeled sports around the world today. The innovations that Dunlop has paved the way for and the successes of motorsport businesses for over 130 years have enabled this brand to gain a reputation among motoring and motorcycle enthusiasts that has no equal.

Since its first tyre, this renowned tyre manufacturer is continuously working to develop new tyre development technologies. To this day, it is still pushing the boundaries, using its hard-earned knowledge and experience to advance its products.

This passion for performance continually drives the company to innovate, and it has also created a reputation for it as a race-winning brand. The results of its research are visible in the full range.

The company, which peaked from the end of the 19th century and practically until the end of the 20th century, has been declining until recently. The leading cause of the corporate crisis was unreasonable financial policy, which led the company to bankruptcy, and after splitting and selling in parts.

However, Dunlop, like the phoenix,"rose from the ashes." Mainly due to this, unique and quality tyres that meet all international standards began to appear. An indicator of the restoration of "former power" is the fact that Dunlop has its production in many countries around the world.

The brand will always be synonymous with cutting-edge tyre technology because it will never stop finding new ways to give motorist that overwhelming sense of control and performance.

Tyres in Reviews

Dunlop tyres depend on the country of origin. German, Japanese and American tyres deserve the highest praise. Also, reviews made by manufacturers, especially in Europe, indicate that they wear out rather slowly and can last much longer than a specific manufacturer.

However, in the current variety of goods, it is easy to run into deception. Negative reviews of Taiwanese and Chinese tyre versions testify to this.

Based on this fact, what conclusion can be drawn? That there is some influence from the country of origin on the tyres' reviews. They heavily depend on what's on the tyre’s pack. At the same time, you should not give up on Chinese counterfeits of a famous brand. Such tyres generally have a number of negative reviews.

To be able to differentiate the fake, it is necessary to carefully monitor the spelling of the brand on the packaging and on the tyre itself, as well as to see the country of production for a particular Dunlop model.

Despite some differences in reviews, Dunlop tyres are considered to be of sufficient quality and have received recognition from both quiet and extreme driving enthusiasts.

However, to choose the right Dunlop tyre, reviews and country of origin should not be the deciding factors for your purchase. First, you need to decide on the conditions in which the car will be most commonly used. For city roads, the best choice is universal tyres, but for country driving, it is best to buy high-traffic tyres.

Suitable for Every Pocket

Although Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. increased prices by 5% on its Dunlop, Goodyear and Kelly consumer tyres on 1st, October 2019, Dunlop tyres are still affordable to all wallets. The increase came in response to "changing market dynamics in the industry and reflecting the strong value of the Goodyear brands," the company said.

When buying products of this brand, have a look at the specifications you need, and you are sure to find several models that meet those requirements. Checking the spec will make it easier for you to choose affordable Dunlop tyres or decide on a tyre that offers some unique feature.

If you've decided to buy a Dunlop tyre, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a wide range of different types of tyre for a variety of applications. Our online shop offers you all conceivable models at a very reasonable price as well as an optimal overview and also straightforward and effortless order process. Use the search engine on the page to quickly find what you need.

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