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Continental tyres

Continental is a market leader when it comes to producing high-performance tyres. Approximately every fourth car manufactured in Europe leaves the production line with Continental tyres. Continental tyres provide maximum control over your vehicle whatever the road surface or weather conditions. High mileage and low rolling resistance guarantee comfortable rides and economic efficiency.

Continuous tests for highest quality Continental tyres

Continental doesn't just produce premium quality car tyres but regularly tests them thoroughly. The results of these testing procedures go into the manufacturers' ongoing product development. Therefore, Continental tyres are constantly improved - for utmost safety and highest comfort while driving.

State-of-the-art technology for perfect rides with Continental

To increase safety while driving, Continental optimises tyres for stabilising systems such as ABS and ESC, which control the individual wheel's rotation when breaking and steering. Continental concept tyres support the ESC's breaking power by tyre siping in both a longitudinal and diagonal pattern. Hence the breaking distance is reduced by up to 15 percent. These top stabilising systems show how Continental improves safety and comfort by continuous development. Consequently, this shows in many a magazine's review: On a regular basis, Continental tyres are among top scorers and receive excellent appraisal by critics.

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