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Be prepared: With Continental winter tyres

The icy season is upon us: High time for drivers to prepare their cars for extreme temperatures and situations! Poor vision, wet roads, minus degrees, snow and black ice are 'the usual suspects' in winter. That is why it is most important to look for reliable quality when switching from summer to winter tyres: We recommend Continental winter tyres - like the ContiWinterContact range!

Stay safe thanks to Continental winter tyres' special pattern!

Improved breaking power on icy and wet roads are one of Continental winter tyres' signs of quality. The special arrangement of blocks and sipes leads to phenomenal grip - cutting into snow very effectively! Safety on wintery and slippery roads is also improved with winter tyres by Continental due to their strong tyre pattern: Moisture has no chance of sticking to your Continental winter tyre - reducing the risk of aquaplaning significantly. Even under rough road conditions, the advantages are obvious: Drastically improved mileage, responsible handling of your vehicle even at high speed and shorter breaking distances!

Continental winter tyres: Even pressure distribution and lower abrasion

Developed by state-of-the-art experts, Continental tyres for winter run for longer distances travelled and suffer from less abrasion: Consistent stiffness distribution and pressure distribution is beneficial and efficient across the entire contact area between every Continental winter tyre and the ground - to keep you firmly on the road!

Constant development at Continental

The development of tyres and especially Continental snow tyres of the ContiWinterContact range is an ongoing process. Looking back on years of experience and consistent research and development, we can guarantee a maximum of both comfort and safety with Continental winter tyres - no matter how intense the cold season gets! The company puts continuous effort into improving existing material compositions for Continental winter tyres with one aim in mind: To offer you the very best of products for safe road trips even under harsh conditions, like Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850!

Simply the best: Continental winter tyres score high at rankings and tests

Globally acknowledged car magazines test the quality of top winter tyres regularly. Winter tyres by Continental continue to convince critics: Superb test results and reviews year after year speak for themselves!

A whole range of quality tyres by Continental

Continental ContiWinterContact isn't the only range of outstandingly reliable quality tyres by Continental. Winter tyres face different challenges from tyres for warmer seasons. For summer requirements, check out:

  • ContiEcoContact
  • ContiSportContact
  • ContiPremiumContact

Whenever your are looking for supreme quality to meet even the highest of standards, pick car tyres by Continental . Car tyres by a worldwide leader in the industry are our recommendation when you wouldn't want to take chances regarding security and comfort - especially in winter!

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