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Continental Car - summer Tyres

Continental summer tyres - market leader in initial car equipment Continental summer tyres - innovative technology and development

Continental summer tyres - market leader in initial car equipment

Continental summer tyres have long been among leading products when it comes to safety and comfort. Additionally, the manufacturer focuses on ecological aspects when developing summer and winter tyres. This shows in strong tyre mileage as well as low rolling resistance leading to lower fuel consumption, hence significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Many car manufacturers worldwide rely on Continental summer tyres' quality when initially setting up their cars, simply because they have a good enough reputation to inspire trust. Mostly every fourth car leaving an assembly line today rolls on summer tyres by Continental. They fully convince with great durability, smooth running properties, and high mileage. No surprise that many car owners go for high-quality Continental summer tyres when replacing worn tyres.

Continental summer tyres - innovative technology and development

Manufacturers and car owners alike value the know-how and expertise that goes into every Continental car tyre. Continental summer tyres continually raise the bar when it comes to handling and comfort while driving. Consistent research and development lead to summer tyres coping perfectly with dangerous aquaplaning risks. Additionally, Continental managed to reduce the tyres' loss of traction to a minimum - therefore increasing your safety on both short and long rides. Rolling resistance has also been worked on, thus reducing noise as you are speeding down the highway. This is exactly why tyres such as the Conti SportContact 3 are mostly used on race tracks, where the car needs to be speeding down as much as possible.

Conti Sport tyres - convincing reviewers at every corner

During the last couple of years, Continental has worked hard for their products' technical advantage. This shows especially in magazine test results. Continental summer tyres regularly win top placements. In 2012, the German publication "Auto Motor Und Sport" certified that summer tyres by Continental come with excellent and safe road handling, a minimum of load transfer, low rolling resistance and great aquaplaning properties. Highest marks for Continental summer tyres were also awarded by the German magazine "Firmenwagen." With the Conti Premium Contact range, Continental developed summer tyres specifically designed for the needs of premium brand drivers. Under wet conditions, the unique groove pattern leads water away from the tyres, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Irrespective of the weather conditions, sporty and safe rides are guaranteed with Continental tyres! Look for these tyres on mytyres.co.uk, the online tyre retailer that offers both performance and safety at prices that are envied by many sellers - and sought by many buyers.

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