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Cold Weather Tyres

Cold weather tyres – for safe driving on ice and snow!

Weather and road conditions can change rapidly during the cold season. Cold weather tyres - or winter tyres as they are also known - offer a consistently high degree of safety when temperatures are low and when streets are covered with snow and ice.

Special rubber compound and tread design

Naturally, it is crucial to have great grip on roads covered with ice and snow. To guarantee superior grip in low temperatures, cold weather tyres are manufactured using a special rubber compound that is resistant to cold temperatures. That’s how they can adapt to wintery road surfaces once the temperatures dip below 7°C. Cold weather tyres have broad tread grooves and additional sipes, this resulting in stability and reliable grip even under harsh conditions.

Required by law in much of Continental Europe, cold weather tyres offer more benefits when you need to drive in cold weather conditions:

  • Increased performance – the special rubber compound and tread design in a cold weather tyre means it performs better when the temperatures outside drop below 7° Celsius.
  • Superior grip – the improved technology used in a cold weather tyre means it remains softer in low temperatures offering more grip, better braking, superior traction and handling.
  • Outstanding control and safety – the tread design of a cold weather tyre has been specially created to offer better grip and traction in snow conditions during the winter season.

During tests made by the British Tyre Manufacturers' Association, it has been shown that a car braking at a speed of 60mph on a wet road at 5°C stopped five metres shorter, equaling more than one car length, when equipped with cold weather tyres.

Traveling abroad: beware of legal requirements

In the United Kingdom, drivers are advised to use cold weather tyres following the adverse winter weather conditions of 2010, despite the fact that there are no legal requirements to use them. If you travel by car outside the United Kingdom, always check the legal requirements for cold weather tyres when road conditions are wintery. Cold weather tyre requirements may vary significantly across Europe, with different countries having various legal requirements.
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