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Breathing through the environment with catalytic converters

Catalytic converters have been a common thing since 1975 when scientists tried to find a way to control the emissions of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide. The prototype that they created had been further improved to clean the exhaust gas of nitrogen oxide – making the vehicle more friendly on the environment. Therefore, these converters act to limit the toxicity of emissions from internal combustion engines, to the benefit of the environment and human health. Alongside other technological improvements, they work to limit air pollution caused by vehicles, especially in crowded cities. Defective catalytic converters should be replaced immediately to meet mandatory emissions regulations.

Catalytic converters are made up of three basic components: a body or core, where the chemical reactions occur; a washcoat, a substance that holds, and gradually releases and takes back in the catalyst; and finally, the catalyst, a chemical complex that reacts with exhaust gases to modify their composition.

Caring for our air

No one would like to go out of their home knowing that they would no longer be able to breathe or see their hands due to heavy pollution – which is why catalytic converters are so useful. There are even some countries (such as Germany) that prohibit people from driving a Diesel car without a catalytic converter. Fuel and engines are harmful to the environment, which is why you need to use such an accessory.

The catalyst chemically alters nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and various damaging hydrocarbons; these are transformed into non-toxic substances like water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The catalyst is reusable and should serve your car well for a long time. In turn, the converter’s core is a resilient ceramic or metallic foil honeycomb-like structure, able to withstand high temperatures and some mechanical shock. Nevertheless, the catalytic converter will eventually fail, and it will have to be replaced with a new unit.

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