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To the Bridgestone treads:

Bridgestone winter tyres – from the land of the rising sun

Bridgestone Corporation was founded in Japan in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. The company’s name comes from a translation of “ishibashi”, which means “stone bridge”. Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world as of 2017. Additionally, as of 2005, the company had 141 production facilities in 24 countries. Their first tyre was produced in 1930, by the "Tabi" Socks Tyre Division. One year later, Shojuro Ishibashi made it independent and established Bridgestone Tyre. Their tyres are manufactured based on the Japanese technology, but the early days of the company weren’t as bright as they are today. The team encountered many production, sale and technology difficulties. However, over time, they evolved into what they are today: a successful tyre manufacturer. Their tyres are of high-quality value, and the Bridgestone winter tyres are a great investment for your needs.

Bridgestone winter tyres – safe winter roads

Japanese people are known for being very respectful and valuing respect above anything else. This is why the Bridgestone team respects your wishes for a safe winter and provide you with great services. Their tyres make your life easier and help you live happily during the cold season. The tyre catalogue has many models you can choose from. Some of these are Bridgestone Blizzak RFT, Bridgestone Blizzak W995 Multicell, and Bridgestone DriveGuard Winter RFT. The latter is a great companion when driving on snow, as it offers guaranteed safety. Its unique characteristics designed with Japanese technology make the roads more pleasant. The Bridgestone company makes sure to offer top-notch products and give you a better time when driving to work during winter. Snow can become a really big nuisance, but it’s not going to be a worry anymore with the Bridgestone winter tyres.

Bridgestone winter tyres – a smart choice

Having to change the tyres to winter ones as the cold season is closer can give you headaches. Tyres have to be chosen carefully, as accidents are something to avoid at all costs. Bridgestone is your ally, and they want you to be safe and sound. On, you can find many of the manufacturer’s tyres for good prices. Whichever Bridgestone winter tyres you choose to get, it’s not going to be in vain. - an offer by Delticom AG 16.05.2019 06:42