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Bridgestone Tyres: A Bridge Between Tradition and Innovation

Bridgestone Corporation has a long tradition in tyre production of stellar quality. For several seasons, even Formula One used Bridgestone as their official tyre supplier.

The skill and the know-how needed to meet rigorous criteria in tyre crafting such as those imposed by the prestigious Formula One are now utilized to design tyres for your cars.

Bridgestone All Season Tyres Product Range

The Pride of Bridgestone - WEATHER CONTROL A005

What Users Say About Weather Control Tyres

Bridgestone Innovative Tyre Technology

About Bridgestone

Given such a history of Bridgestone, it is no wonder that their company constantly works on new technologies aimed at better performance, excellent comfort, and superb road safety.

Knowing their loyal customers, Bridgestone put in some great effort to create tyres that will be suitable for year-round use. It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, hot asphalt or wet snow - these tyres make a perfect choice.

Bridgestone All Season Tyres Product Range

If you live in a country in which there are no harsh winters and extremely hot summers, all season tyres can be the perfect solution for you. Bridgestone is a popular choice with My Tyres webshop users.

Generally, you can use summer, winter and all-weather tyres. When the temperature drops so low that you expect ice and snow on the roads for weeks and months, there is no other choice for you than good winter tyres.

They are made out of a special rubber compound that allows them to get a firm grip of the road, even when it’s icy.

Another feature that separates the winter from summer tyres is the zigzag sipes that add an additional layer of security and friction in case of slippery roads.

Summer tyres are generally softer than the winter tyres. The hard road grip that winter tyres have can be more of a nuisance during the warm weather. The car is a bit harder to steer and it even spends a bit more petrol.

But, if you are blessed by a mild climate, such as the UK climate, you can skip the seasonal tyre change and go for all season tyres. They combine the best of both worlds. You get great control even on wet roads while not compromising on the car movement agility.

All season tyres are sometimes called all-weather tyres. They can last longer than winter and summer tyres, especially if you use them for city driving.

Bridgestone has a great range of all season tyres for different vehicles and purposes.

Dueler H/P 92a All Season Tyre

This tyre is designed specifically for Infiniti FX35/45 but it fits many other SUVs, CUVs and even lighter trucks. They perform well on both wet and dry roads and some reviewers even report driving them on snow without any issues.

This is a solid, well-designed and durable tyre for all weather conditions. It is considered to be highly durable and sturdy, making it an excellent choice for those that don’t want to bother with changing tyres too often. While they provide all the conditions for a comfortable ride, sometimes these tyres can be a bit noisy.

Dueler A/T 001 All Season Tyre

This is a classic tyre for SUVs and 4x4 vehicles that come in different sizes. While it was originally designed to be a summer tyres Dueler A/T 001 has proven itself to be a highly versatile tyre that performs well on many different terrains.

Rain, sun or even mud are no issue for this tyre. It can handle even off-road conditions with no significant wear and tear. Here are the things that make Dueler A/T 001 an exceptional tyre:

  • New pattern geometry. As a result, this tyre has amazing tracking and it makes breaking much safer, even on slippery terrains, such as snow and mud.
  • Fresh redesign of the tyre tread.. To improve the performance on the all-terrain conditions, Dueler A/T 001 boasts the better design of the tread in terms of block shape and materials used. The treat rubber compound is improved, backed up by excellent reinforcing material.
  • Better water evacuation.. This is another benefit that came from the tyre tread redesign. It is easier for water to evacuate through the tyre grooves. The drive is safer and the chance of slipping reduced.

These two are the Bridgestone tyres that handle different seasons and weather really well. However, this company has its pride and joy when it comes to all season tyres: Weather Control A005 with and without the Driveguard technology. It deserves a special segment.

The Pride of Bridgestone - WEATHER CONTROL A005

The first all season tyre that Bridgestone created is Weather Control A005. This is the answer to the increasingly popular demand for all season tyres on the global market.

The tyre was launched in 2018 and in 2019 it was the winner of the Auto Bild test for all season tyres in 235/65 R17. The main takeaways from this testing were that A005 is an amazing tyre. However, it is not perfect and has some details that can be improved with the next model.

The test showed that Weather Control A005 has an amazing performance on dry weather. That makes it excellent tyre for the summer conditions.

But, it doesn’t do any worse on wet roads, either. The test showed that it has superb wet braking distance and that the handling is steady and easy in these conditions. Rolling distance was also good.

The space for improvements is in the snowy conditions. That is where the braking distance could be much better and the handling speed should be improved. Additionally, these tyres could be a bit quieter, as well.

That is not the only test Weather Control A005 aced. Bridgestone requested an unbiased test from TÜV SÜD. This test proved that A005 is superior to all its competitors when it comes to driving on wet and snowy roads.

This tyre was crafted from a special compound that allows for the rubber and silica to bond with unusual strength. This is crucial for the tyre performance and the quality of the compound as it has a high silica tread. If the bond with the rubber weren’t that strong, it would compromise the durability and the quality of the tyre.

In the centre of the tyre, the grooves are V-shaped, while the Z-shaped slots are on the sides. Pressure distribution was the focus of the A005 design, and it shows!

While it is the tyre for the global market, it was primarily designed for the European market in mind.

  • EU label grade “A” for wet grip
  • Certified 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking (3PMSF)
  • 40,000 km guaranteed by Bridgestone
  • Same snow performance as winter tyres
  • Excellent longevity like summer tyres

Besides all these amazing features, Weather Control A005 comes in a Driveguard version, as well. This means that it is possible to drive even if the tyre is punctured.

Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology means that it is possible to drive for 50 miles from the moment you get a flat tyre. This may vary from one vehicle model to another and it should be checked. All you need to do is make sure you don’t exceed 50 mph and you should be safe for around 50 more miles.

What Users Say About Weather Control Tyres

Mainly, people, who have been using Bridgestone All Season Tyres are very happy with the grip that these tyres have on both wet and dry roads. They have been driven on mud, snow and ice by users from different parts of Europe and most of them have nothing but positive reviews on these tyres. Some of them even report regularly driving them on winding but slippery roads and having only minor issues steering.

The downsides reported include the noise that the tyre make and some users claimed that the price is above the average. The noise of the tyres comes from the tread pattern that is fairly deep and dynamic in design. It is necessary for the superb grip that the tyre offers and the noise it makes is a trade-off in that regard.

Bridgestone Innovative Tyre Technology

Constant innovation inspired by the user feedback is a trademark business model for Bridgestone. With that in mind, it is no wonder that even at this moment, the all season tyres are using all the new technology that Bridgestone has to offer. This includes:

  • NanoPro-Tech™
  • Run-Flat Tyre
  • CAIS: a Bridgestone’s sensing technology
  • “Ologic™”


NanoPro-Tech™ is short for Nanostructure-Oriented Properties Control Technology. In other words, Bridgestone goes that extra mile to study the performances of its tyres even on a molecular level. That is the answer of the designer team to the feedback gathered from the end-users. This amazing technology has been used on all sorts of tyres - from all season car tyres to the aircraft tyres.

The key to this technology is overcoming the issues coming from the weak bond between silica and rubber. Namely, in order to produce a tyre, it is necessary to use natural and synthetic rubber.

These materials are quite complex and they consist of different compounds. They include carbon black and silica. Silica is there to boost fuel efficiency and make the drive safer in rainy weather. There are many other elements to a good tyre, but this is the basis of the NanoPro-Tech™.

Silica offers some amazing properties, but it also poses a certain technology issue. It is not easy to combine it with rubber. Namely, the reason why the tyres that use this technology have a great grip on the wet roads is that silica is hydrophilic - it mixes well with water. However, rubber is hydrophobic - it repels water. Therefore, dispersing silica in rubber is a problem.

Bridgestone scientists solved it by going all the way down to the molecular level, designing them in a way that makes it possible for silica to disperse well in the rubber. In that way, the rubber used for tyres will have excellent wet grip and durability and it will ensure stellar fuel efficiency.

Run-Flat Tyre

Normally, after you have a flat tyre, you need to change it immediately. If you act fast, you’ll probably be able to patch it up and use it again. If not, you may slash it with your wheels. All this is a best-case scenario where your tyre has been punctured on the parking and not while you drive. The most dangerous scenario is you losing control of the vehicle in movement.

Bridgestone Group created unique run-flat technology. It means that you don’t have to repair your tyre immediately because it doesn’t release all the air than when it’s punctured.

This technology gives you almost 50 more miles of safe driving after the puncture. All you need to do is drive at 50 mph. This is an estimate based on ISO standard and you need to check with your supplier what is the estimate of the distance run-flat offers for your type of vehicle.

There are Bridgestone all season tyres that use this technology. Weather Control A005 Driveguard is the tyre you want if run-flat technology is what you are after. The advantages are obvious and here are just some of them:

  • No need to change tyres on the go or on your own. It is highly likely that you would be able to find a shop that can change your tyres for you within the 50 miles from where you had your flat tyre.
  • With that in mind, this means that you don’t have to carry the tools, spare tyres and other gear needed for changing your flat. After all, no more changing tyres on the go.
  • You can have more space in your car trunk. This is just another perk of not having to carry around a spare tyre.
  • No sudden change in your vehicle trajectory due to a flat tyre. Normally, your car is supported by the air in your tyres. If the air is suddenly released, the weight of your car is not balanced anymore, which means it is next to impossible to have control over it.

CAIS™: a Bridgestone’s sensing technology

“CAIS™ stands for Contact Area Information Sensing. It is one more amazing piece of technology coming from the Bridgestone experts.

The idea behind this technology is that the tyres are the places of contact between the road and the vehicle. They are the first to come in touch with water, ice, mud or any other conditions relevant for safe and efficient driving. The idea imposes itself - what if the tyres could sense the road and report to the driver?

That is precisely what CAIS™ is. The sensors that are attached to the tyres. They can gather information about the road in real-time and notify the driver. All road conditions are classified into seven categories, depending on the level of humidity and the possibility of slipping. These are: ice, compact snow, fresh snow, slush, wet, semi-dry and dry.

The sensors are located within the thread of the tyres. They are equipped with the wireless technology that allows them to connect to the car’s computer that analyses the data instantly.

Road conditions are not all that CAIS™ technology offers. It will collect the data about the state of the tyres themselves. Tyres with uneven wear and tear can impose a great safety risk for the drivers and the vehicle both.

Worn tyres don’t have a solid grip on the road surfaces. The wetter and the more slippery the road is, the bigger issue a worn tyre becomes. What is even worse, the tyres don’t wear out evenly.

CAIS™ can detect the changes in the thread of the tyres. In that way, it is easy to analyse that information and conclude when and how often to replace the tyres. The driving is much safer with good tyres. On the other hand, drivers may save money due to the fact that they don’t replace the tyres too early. The tyres tell them themselves when is the time for a new set.


Fuel efficiency is one of the main concerns of all drivers. When fuel efficiency is mentioned, people usually think about the car engine and its efficiency. The truth is, the quality of the tyres is also a big factor in how much petrol your car is about to burn.

Bridgestone is very much aware of this fact and that is why they incorporated the “ologictm” in their tyre production process. They have observed different tyre dimensions and tried to come up with the best way to adjust them so that they boost the aerodynamic and reduce the unnecessary friction factor.

Friction factor and the rolling resistance happen in contact of the tyre with the road. The tyre deforms a little and that means it takes more power to roll it. More power means more fuel needed for this to happen. “ologictm” involves changing the tyre diameter and adjusting the inflation pressure to prevent the tyre from deforming.

Another way of improving the vehicle performance is to improve the aerodynamics of a tyre. For this purpose, the Bridgestone reduced the width of the tyre, making it leaner offering less resistance surface for moving.

In combination with other innovative technologies and adjusting the materials for the tyres, it is sure to say that Bridgestone is serious in improving their tyres based on the end-user feedback. All the feedback is taken into consideration and then the technology experts create answers that involve amazing solutions.

About Bridgestone

The long history of Bridgestone begins in 1931 in Kurume, Japan. Its founder Shojiro Ishibashi recognised that the future of cars means a growing market for car tyres. He founded the company with the idea to create a leading world-wide company that produces tyres.  Soon,  it became the largest tyre producing company in Japan. After acquiring The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in 1988, the company started expanding all over Asia. The next step was expanding all over the world.

But, the history of Bridgestone was all but a smooth ride. It took time and effort to be ranked among the first three tyre producers in the world.

During WWII, almost all Bridgestone factories were demolished. Only two of them remained in Japan. Even with such a drastic setback that would close down many businesses, Bridgestone managed to survive.

In 1967 Bridgestone created its first passenger-vehicle radial tyre RD-10. Soon enough, the company expanded to Singapore, Thailand and finally - to the USA.

Today, Bridgestone is present in 24 countries and has over 180 production facilities. Its ascension to the top was achieved in 2017 when it was finally proclaimed the largest tyre producer in the world.

The story about Bridgestone is a story about the perseverance, ideals, growth and the power of innovation. While the company has a long standing tradition of hard-work, serving the customer and creating the high-quality product, it also becomes a synonym of fresh ideas and superb technology.

This combination has been the recipe of success for Bridgestone. They take serving the customer to another level, by collecting the feedback and seriously acting on it. The result are amazing, comfortable, cutting-edge tyres that provide the ultimate performance in any weather.

Choosing Bridgestone means choosing quality that is also affordable. It means choosing not to compromise on safety and comfort when minding the price tag. Your best bet at getting budget friendly prices is to do some online shopping. Choose Bridgestone tyres and forget about the weather conditions – just enjoy the ride.

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