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Barum Car - summer Tyres

Barum summer tyres - mixing fun and performance Barum summer tyres - perfect tyres for small and mid-range cars

Barum summer tyres - mixing fun and performance

Barum summer tyres undergo constant research and are regularly improved with new, innovative technology. Here, the company benefits especially from their partnership with Continental. For example, developers managed to improve water dispersion when aquaplaning with new tread compound and pattern. Besides better grip on wet roads, the braking distance is also shorter. The Barum Bravuris 3HM test, for instance, proved that the wet and dry grip is superior, and more than 90% of the users claimed that they would buy the product again. The comfort and support are also superior, which means that you can enjoy your drive even if the road is rather bumpy.

Barum summer tyres - perfect tyres for small and mid-range cars

Barum summer tyres’ range “Brillantis” was specially developed for small and mid-range cars. The special tread compound guarantees perfect traction and great stability when cornering. This also makes for more driving comfort and less fuel consumption. This way, you will be driving to your destination while making sure that you are environmentally friendly. Similarly, the summer tyres marked by Barum also use a special type of rubber that will not lose its shape in high temperatures. It will stay hard enough so that no pressure is lost as you are rolling on the streets. You may also find Barum Continental tyres that are suitable for large trucks - but also utility vehicles. Their purpose is to withstand as much weight as possible so as to resist aquaplaning and losing your grip on the road.

Barum tires review - convincing results in every test

German magazine “Gute Fahrt” attested Barum summer tyres’ good brand quality at an affordable price. In 2012, the tyre won positive reviews with good handling and balanced behaviour on wet roads. Well-received was also the driving behaviour when aquaplaning, as well as the driving comfort and the low rolling noise. Wear and tear of most Barum tyres are reduced - and while it may happen at some point, it will take some time until you have to change them. As per every Barum tires review that you can find, they seem to be more durable to friction, and the pattern wears at a much slower pace than your average summer tyre. You may look for these items on mytyres.co.uk and choose the one that suits your fancy - and your car’s size - the most. The prices are affordable, and the quality is always firsthand - regardless of the model that you choose.

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