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Tyres for Volvo

Volvo offers a wide range of car models in the middle, business and luxury classes, and also SUVs. Volvo cars are rated for their reliability. Volvo uses as standard equipment for their vehicles mainly quality tyres from Michelin. However, almost every tyre manufacturer offers tyres suitable for Volvo, so you have the possibility to choose from a wide range of tyres.

A safe trip with Volvo tyre

Volvo means quality. Currently only Mercedes vehicles have a higher average life. Therefore, you should also pay attention to quality when purchasing tyres. Quality tyres offer greater safety and cost-effectiveness, providing a high comfort level. Due to the low wear ratio, the tyres have a low noise level and a higher life expectancy. The tyres offer an optimum grip in any weather condition on any motorway.

Suitable tyres for every Volvo model

We offer you suitable tyres for every Volvo model. For the Volvo C30 model, the manufacturer recommends tyres in the size 195/65 R15. However, you can upgrade up to tyre size 215/40 R18. For the Volvo X90 SUV model, you can use tyre sizes up to 265/35 R22. It is advisable to check the registration certificate of your vehicle before buying tyres.

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