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Tyres that Help Skoda Cars Run

Tyres that Help Skoda Cars Run

Skoda Auto, the well-known car manufacturer from the Czech Republic, has given due importance to the tyres that its cars run on. To enjoy the optimum performance, great control and excellent traction when driving, tyres for Skoda need to have the perfect fit on the vehicle's wheels. If the tyres do not provide the right kind of support and movement along with the necessary precision, then the Skoda cars will not perform according to the drivers' expectations. It will not offer the kind of driving and the stability that this auto manufacturer boasts. For this reason, the company has entered into partnerships with the big players in the tyre business so that it gets the maximum out of every model when they hit the road.

Most Popular Skoda Car Models

Suitable Tyres

Skoda History and Heritage

The tyres seen fitted on the wheels of the new cars that come out of the Czech carmaker's stable are from popular brands such as Continental, Goodyear and Michelin. Therefore, whenever the car owner thinks about the replacement of the Skoda tyres, it should be from the Original Equipment suppliers. A strong emphasis is given to the safety, security and smooth driving when it comes to car tyres. There is a need for high-quality rubber to bring the right performance out of the vehicle. These tyre manufacturers know the importance of excellent and supportive tyres and have designed them in various sizes to offer the necessary support needed to improve the vehicle's performance.

Whether it is winter tyres for the cold wintry conditions or summer tyres to suit the scorching heat conditions, these tyre manufacturers have a wide range of tailor-made choices for the various Skoda vehicles. They offer plenty of options so that the car owners do not have any difficulty in finding the perfect summer or winter tyres to suit their vehicle. These undergo rigorous tests under various conditions before they are sent as the Original Tyre Equipment for the respective Skoda cars. There will be no compromise on the driving performance of the vehicle when the wheels are fitted with top branded tyres.

The leading tyre manufacturers come out with tyres that perfectly suit wheel sizes from 13 to 23 inches. Skoda trusts the expertise and the quality of the products made by these leading tyre companies.

Most Popular Skoda Car Models

Skoda has come out with different types of cars to suit the users of all segments. No matter if a buyer is looking for a crossover SUV or a family car or a sedan, the company has a popular car to offer in each category. Some of the most driven models in its line-up include:

  • KODIAQ - Sports Utility Vehicle category
  • KAROQ - Crossover Sports Utility Vehicle
  • OCTAVIA - Small family car
  • FABIA - Crossover hatchback for small families
  • SCALA - Small hatchback model
  • SUPERB - Small executive car
  • CITIGOe iV - Compact electric car

Suitable Tyres

FABIA is a car commonly seen on the roads in the UK. It offers top-end performance and comfortable ride and is a perfect car for intercity drives. The original equipment tyres that the company uses for Fabia include Dunlop SP Sport 01, Bridgestone Turanza, Pirelli P600, Michelin Energy SaverContinental EcoContact 6 and Goodyear Ultra Performance +.

  • Continental EcoContact 6

    This is a fuel-saving tyre with improved Green Chili 2.0 rubber compound and enhanced polymers to adjust to all kinds of road conditions. Its characteristics include better grip and handling on dry and wet roads, regular tyre and road contact, improved tyre mileage and greater safety.

  • Goodyear Ultra Performance+

    These are excellent winter tyres for top-end performance on wintry road conditions. It comes with a strong compound mixture that ensures a perfect grip with better tyre elasticity on snowy roads. It guarantees shorter braking distances on dry and wet surfaces, and the brakes get instantly transferred into solid road grips.

  • Michelin Energy Saver

    It is suited for passenger cars and has an improved profile to ensure better road contact. It has Eco N Grip technology to reduce the tyre heat and thereby offers fuel efficiency and long-lasting features.

The Kodiaq is a trendy crossover SUV from the house of Skoda Auto. It is built on Volkswagen Group's MQB platform and is an ideal family car that can seat a maximum of seven people. It is perfect for long-distance travel for a medium-sized family. This car must use top-end tyres to ensure excellent performances and the efficiency of the vehicle. Some of them include:

  • Continental ContiEcoContact 5

    Great importance is given to the design and working principles by Continental, and that is why it has come out with a tyre that breaks new grounds in tyre technology. The EcoContact has the latest design to ensure that it offers better rolling resistance without any issues with road handling characteristics. The use of high-end tyre compound ensures that the tyre has excellent rolling resistance and shorter braking distances, even on wet roads. There is work done on the contours to make sure that it offers better road mileage. The improved tread pattern helps in offering enhanced braking characteristics on wet roads.

  • Goodyear Efficient Grip

    This is one of the quietest tyres for your SUVs. It uses the latest QuietTred technology to guarantee very low road vibrations and noises. They offer excellent road grip and shorter braking distances on both dry and wet roads. With improved tyre compound and due to the use of high biting edges, it makes sure of excellent traction on the roads. These tyres are perfect for long-distance travel. The tread pattern has a carcass design to offer a comfortable and noiseless ride. It has a great structure that responds to various handling behaviours of the drivers.

  • Bridgestone Turanza T005

    This is a touring summer tyre for SUV that offers optimum performance on wet roads, for which it is considered the best in the wet performance category. There are plenty of slots provided in the shoulder to warrant smooth water flow and quick water drainage from the centre. The even distribution of void on the tyre helps a lot. The carcass is enhanced to ensure low rolling resistance and great handling when cornering at high speeds. The addition of a new silica compound ensures that the tyre makes a strong footprint on the roads during wet conditions.

  • Michelin Latitude Sport 3

    This is a high performing tyre specially designed to suit premium SUVs and the crossover SUVs. It is known for offering the top wet braking characteristics in its class. The Latitude Sport comes with generous use of compounds on the tread blocks to ensure perfect wet performance. It has a +10% void sculpture ratio to boost its wet surface safety several notches. The central rib is continuous, which means that the tyre will carry out the torque transfer smoothly during the braking or even when accelerating the vehicle. There is the use of the latest and innovative rubber compound in the tyre to offer great mileage and limited wear and tear.

  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    This tyre is designed to suit the crossovers and the SUV models. It puts the Pirelli tyre structure, tread pattern, and the compound materials to full use to provide the car owners great fuel savings, comfort, safety, and sustainability. The tyre is an energy-efficient product, made using eco-friendly materials to reduce CO2 emissions. The tread pattern and the use of the latest compound materials ensure enhanced stability and better shorter braking distances, even on wet conditions. Its uniqueness is in the seal inside a construction that allows the driver to drive the car without loss of air even when the tyre gets punctured through an outside object.

Skoda Karoq is a mid-sized sports utility vehicle that looks like a reduced form of the popular Kodiaq SUV. This compact SUV is perfect for both inside city and highway travel. It offers excellent safety, comfort, and other impressive features to make the lives of the family members more comfortable. It is a perfect car for families who like to take frequent weekend trips.

The Skoda tyres for Karoq that can ensure optimum performance and excellent road handling characteristics include:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    This is one of the best Skoda tyres that Karoq owners can buy to replace their worn-out tyres. It comes out with top-end and premium design to give a rich and luxurious look to the external sidewall. The tyre is made in such a way that it offers great protection to the rim when it moves on bumpy and rock-filled roads and potholes. The tread pattern is unique and can instantly react to varying road conditions. The feature allows it to have a strong foothold on the roads. This tyre has a nylon and aramid mixed belt on top to ensure the perfect steering response. The tread is made using two different compounds so that the drivers feel excellent stability and grip when moving on dry and wet roads.

  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

    This is one of the most suited tyres for Karoq offering great comfort and improved driving characteristics. It is effective in riding smoothly on the wet conditions without worrying about slipping at high speeds. The tread pattern and the use of the right compound materials on the tyre makes certain that it offers superior braking on wet and dry roads. The drivers get a sense of dry handling when braking on wet roads, thanks to extra silica and refined compound materials. The tread pattern and the carcass are coupled efficiently to provide perfect power transmission on dry roads.

  • Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

    These high-quality tyres suit SUVs and crossovers. It comes with bigger and broader shoulder blocks to ensure a great road grip when cornering at high speeds. The steering control and precision are enhanced using stiff breaker cords. They help the tyres to stay in close contact with the road at all times. With the use of braking blocks, this tyre is capable of offering shorter braking distances at high speeds.

  • Continental ContiEcoContact 5

    These are premium-touring tyres from Germany that are tailor-made for the SUVs. It comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern to provide excellent road grip during the dry and wet conditions. They come with low rolling resistance and offer shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads. It is designed for long rides and is known to provide excellent fuel efficiency and driving comfort.

Skoda Octavia is a popular small-sized family sedan from Skoda that has been ruling the roads since 1996. It has a front engine that comes with front and four-wheel drive options. The manufacturer has come out with plenty of variations to this model in the form of Octavia Combi, Octavia Scout, Octavia RS, etc. The riding characteristics of the car are dependent on the tyres fitted on to the wheels. Some of the popular tyres that would suit the Octavia wheels are discussed below.

  • Michelin Primacy 4 ST

    Looking for a tyre that offers safer, trouble-free, and comfortable ride every day, be it for shorter or longer distances? Then, Michelin Primacy 4 ST is a safe bet, especially for Octavia users. This all-weather tyre offers excellent performance on wet and dry roads. It guarantees safer and smoother quick braking characteristics on wet roads, even at high speeds. There is no need to worry about tyre noise or comfortability when the car's wheels are fitted with these Michelin tyres. Its USPs include longer life, corner stability, excellent dry grip, and great road contact for smoother travel.

  • Dunlop Sport BluResponse

    This is one of the most suited Skoda tyres for the Octavia wheels as it ensures excellent wet grip and improves fuel efficiency when compared to other tyres. The shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads are 2.8 meters and 3 meters respectively. They come with close-knit shoulder grooves to ensure lower noise emissions and great stability when cornering at high speeds. The compound used to make the tyre is a low heat one, and hence it offers low rolling resistance characteristics. The central grooves are large, and therefore there is no need to worry about aquaplaning risk. The water will repel off its surface quickly and efficiently.

  • Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 E

    This is a perfect tyre to fit on the wheels of medium-sized and luxury passenger cars. The main feature of this tyre is the 3D grooves that quickly and effectively repel the water off its surface. Therefore, the driver does not have to worry about the risk of aquaplaning. With this feature, the tyre has a better road grip and contact on wet roads. It offers smooth performance at high speeds. The passengers inside the vehicle need not worry about tyre noise and can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride. It offers top-end braking performance on both dry and wet roads along with precise driving stability.

Scala is a sporty looking and spacious hatchback that is perfect for small families. This five-door hatchback is ideal for daily city riding and suits highway trips. It is a right looking car with decent mileage. Some of the tyres that offer better travel and seating comfort for this car are given below.

  • Michelin CrossClimate+

    This is the perfect tyre to fit on the Skoda Scala wheels. It offers great safety when it is new and also when it wears out. A perfect tyre to suit all weather conditions, and there is no need to invest in different tyres for different seasons. It offers excellent road grip and traction characteristics on wet, dry, and snowy roads. It is designed for the long run and offers the best performance in summer conditions. The tyre has an innovative grip compound to provide great contact with the ground at all temperatures. The tread pattern is a bevel-edge type, and hence the drivers enjoy better braking characteristics and grip on dry roads. The V-shaped tread pattern ensures the car gets excellent mobility and grip on snow.

  • Pirelli Cinturato P7

    This is one of the most suited tyres to fit on the wheels of medium-sized and high-powered Skoda cars. It is made using eco-compostable materials and hence reduces the CO2 emissions. The tyres are designed using innovative and latest fuel-efficient materials to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. They are long-lasting tyres and offer great safety and top-end performance for long. Its main features include steering comfort, great cornering ability, longitudinal grooves to repel excess water, optimized tread for lower rolling resistance, and pitch sequence for riding and driving comfort.

Skoda History and Heritage

The Skoda brand has made a big name for itself with the groundbreaking entry into the automotive industry. Due to its unique and cutting-edge inventions and technologies, it has been at the forefront of automobile manufacturing. What started with a bicycle design has moved on over the years and transformed the company to become one of the leading car manufacturers. Skoda has come out with plenty of models that are way ahead of its times. It is possible due to inventive thinking and adaption of the latest technologies happening in this field. The carmaker always has an eye for the future. It comes out with impressive and high performing cars that create huge waves in the market.

Let us now traverse the timeline of Skoda.

  • 1895: Birth of the first bicycle ‘Slavia’ designed and developed by Laurin & Klement (L&K). It soon became the second-largest producer of bicycles in the Czech Republic.

  • 1899: L&K came out with a bicycle with an engine and called it ‘Motocyclette’. It soon became a hit and took part in various racing competitions.

  • 1905: The success of the motorcycle made L & amp; K shift to four wheels and develop the 7 horsepower Voiturette A car.

  • 1924: L&K factory had to suffer the brunt of a major fire that damaged half of its manufacturing unit.

  • 1925: L&K mergers with Pilsen SKODA and high-quality cars were designed and sold in the markets.

  • 1991: Skoda signs a partnership with Volkswagen and Skoda Felicia was the first car to come out of this partnership. The partnership with Volkswagen helped Skoda take its production to the next stage.

  • 1996: The popular Skoda Octavia hit the markets, and this is the first car to be developed from scratch after the Skoda-Volkswagen merger. More than 5 million Octavia's are traversing the roads all over the world now.

  • 2016: Skoda takes baby steps in the SUV car segment with Skoda Kodiaq and later follows it up with Skoda Karoq.

  • 2017: Skoda displayed its first electric car Vision E, an SUV coupe with 5 doors and a powerful electric engine that can travel about 500 kilometers on a single charge. It comes with an autonomous driving feature.

  • 2019: Skoda knows the importance of sustainability and wants to do its bit for the environment. Hence, it has given due importance to eMobility and came out with iV sub-brand electrified cars. It has revealed details of SUPERB iV and CITIGOe iV. Skoda has confirmed that it will bring out its first electric car on the MEB platform of Volkswagen Group in 2020.

Without a doubt, this automaker has a lot more to offer in the automotive industry. The fans can look forward to innovative and ultra-modern cars in the years to come.

There are plenty of Skoda tyres available online to suit the full range of fleets of Skoda Auto. Buying them online is the best option as they are sold at lower prices than what the physical tyre stores sell. Search on the internet to find the most suitable seller offering quality OEM tyres at affordable prices. Many trusted online UK stores sell premium and right tyres. Shop from stores like mytyres.co.uk to get the tyres at competitive prices and even enjoy free delivery when buying more.

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