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Opel Corsa tyres

The Opel Corsa is without a legend on the automotive market. It has been offered since 1982 and, in the meantime, is manufactured in Eisenach. In 2008 the Corsa broke through the ten million manufactured vehicles. The first Corsa product line was available until 1993 and was Opel’s première in the small car segment. It was meant to wrest market shares from the Ford Fiesta and the VW Polo. The Corsa A had front wheel drive and initially could be ordered as a two door notch-back or as a hatchback with three doors. The four door and five door versions came later. In return the notch-back version was withdrawn from the market in this country as early as 1987. The Opel Corsa A was motorised with 45, 55 or 70 bhp. The Corsa B, introduced in 1993, had 45 or 60 bhp to start with, later as the GSi over 100bhp. For the first time diesel engines, which came from Isuzu, were offered. From 1999 onwards a Corsa Sport with 90 bhp was available. Derivatives of the second generation Corsa were the sport coupé Tigra and the delivery van Combo. In 2000 the Corsa C was introduced, in 2006 the fourth generation, whereby in some regions the Corsa C can still be ordered as a new car. The new models roll more economically than ever over the asphalt on Opel Corsa tyres. The petrol engines consume on average five litres of fuel for 100 km, the diesel engines even less. The safety equipment has also been improved. Opel Corsa tyres which are suitable for the weather conditions also offer safety. - an offer by Delticom AG 20.08.2019 03:53