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Conquer the road with Nissan Serena tyres

Manufactured by world’s famous Nissan Motor Company, the Serena is an MVP (multi-purpose vehicle) which can accompany you in your journey, no matter what or who you may have to carry. Initially launched as a compact minivan, it became larger over the years and able to carry even more that it was originally expected. The newer models have up to 8 seats, which is why it is able to support a lot of weight on the road, provided you equip it with the proper Nissan Serena tyres.

Nissan Serena – performance meets high quality

Considering that this van was created to transport up to 8 people, its tyres need to be able to withstand the weight so that you do not lose control over the steering wheel. Your tyres need to have the right pressure along with the right size for your model so that when you are on the road, you become one with it. Plus, they also need to have an adequate speed rating so that you can sustain a good speed no matter the weather conditions, while still remaining in control. Check for a new set of Nissan Serena tyres, and go on a safe road trip along with your friends and family! - an offer by Delticom AG 17.09.2019 03:42