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Tyres for Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a car manufacturer from Japan, headquartered in Tokyo, and has been a multinational automobile maker since 1917. This company is one of the biggest car manufacturers in Japan and has even reached major popularity worldwide. Due to the high number of vehicles sold nearly every tyre manufacturer offers the right tyres for your Mitsubishi model - initially the Japan car-maker worked mainly with Bridgestone.

Mitsubishi continues to bring their customers the best and most affordable cars on the market today. Mitsubishi cars are put through an array of conditions ranging from driving in the rain to racing in legalized racing events. Among other models, the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV is equipped with Bridgestone tyres. In addition, Mitsubishi also uses tyres provided by Dunlop and Yokohama.

Choose the correct tyre sizes for your Mitsubishi

If you are not sure what tyre size you need or what brand of tyre Mitsubishi recommends for your vehicle, just consult your vehicles owner’s manual. For most models, you can select between different tyre sizes available online. Thus, the Mitsubishi ASX comes standard with tyre size 215/65 R16 for example. Optionally, you can also use one of the below sizes:

    225/60 R16

    215/55 R17

    215/60 R17

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