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Perfectly Matched Tyres to the Style of Any Mini Model

Perfectly Matched Tyres to the Style of Any Mini Model

Star-marked tyres are a basic part of every Mini Original complete wheel. These tyres have been developed in close cooperation with leading tyre manufacturers such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Goodyear. They are ideally suited to the vehicle concept of each Mini model.

Mini tyres offer lower rolling resistance due to the special materials used in the treads and sidewalls. The materials increase the tyres' dimensional stability. As a result, the tyres last longer and also reduce fuel consumption. They are perfectly matched to the style of each Mini model and to ensure optimum handling in every driving situation, they must prove themselves in necessary safety tests with up to 50 different quality criteria.

Star-marked Tyres

The individual models differ not only visually, but also concerning the available power. The choice of tyres is also dependent on performance. For instance, Dunlop SP Sport tyres are part of the Mini Cooper S Works original equipment. Various models also feature Excellence and UltraGrip 7 and Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2. Of course, you can also choose tyres from other manufacturers. However, it is recommended only to use Mini tyres approved by the manufacturer. Buying such tyres will ensure that the specified values for fuel consumption and noise development adhere.

Mini can be equipped with tyres between 15 and 18 inches as standard. One of the most popular models the Mini Clubman in the 120 kW model variant is fitted with 175/60 R16 tyres as standard. Wider tyres such as 195/55 R16 or 205/45 R17 are also optional. The smaller 85 kW version is initially fitted with 175/65 R15 tyres. The Mini Countryman SUV can be equipped with tyres up to 225 millimetres wide.

5 Advantages of Mini Tyres at a Glance

  • Perfectly suited for the chassis components and adaptive systems
  • Long durability
  • Maximum grip and optimum performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to tyres’ greater dimensional stability
  • State-of-the-art Run-Flat technology

About Mini

The first two-door Mini was launched in 1959 until the year 2000 by the British Motor Corporation (BMC).In the following year, the new generation was introduced, which is still very popular today. To date, more than 10 million vehicles have been delivered. Since 2001 the stylistically striking cult car with its British charm has been rolling off the assembly line of BMW AG.

In 2013, the seventh model - the Paceman - with matching Mini wheels - was launched. Meanwhile, different variations of the vehicle have been developed. On the roads, this eye-catching vehicle can be seen as a minivan, coupe or even as a convertible.

The designers have focused on the classic retro style, combining it with sporty dynamics and ever new technologies. The retro-styled speedsters are still produced in Great Britain.

Finding the right Mini tyre is a top priority if you value safety, durability and fuel efficiency. We can help you find compatible tyres for your vehicle as well as your driving style and season. Just take the first step and select your Mini model. Go for it and order a new set of Mini tyres at low prices.

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