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Tyres that Reflect on the Driving Feel

Tyres that Reflect on the Driving Feel

The Lexus tyres are designed to optimise your driving experience. The car manufacturer carefully selects tyres for each Lexus vehicle model and make paying close attention to safety as well as to noise and grip on the road. We recommend that you always pick the approved Lexus tyres such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear or Yokohama, specifically designed for your Lexus.

Tyre brands are continuously presenting new models using up-to-date technologies, and not all of them are equal. When you drive an upscale deluxe vehicle such as Lexus, don’t pinch pennies on the tyres. They have plenty to do with driving quality, performance and fuel economy. For this reason, countless hours are spent with tyre manufacturers to choose a model-specific design that will reflect on the driving feel. As an example, when developing the Lexus LC, together with Michelin, Lexus’ engineering team tested 1200 prototypes before picking the tyre that delivered performance they thought motorists would like best.

Lexus Tyres Infographic

Replace your tyres with the ones that are commendable by the manufacturer to meet your Lexus model’s requirements. Add your model information above, and we will guide you to the best affordable products that fit your vehicle’s stability, safety, handling, durability, noise and other individual requirements.

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