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Tyres for Jeep

Jeep owners tend to be adventurers, and they look for tyres that handle well on the highways or can take them down rough off-road trails. Original equipment (OEM) Jeep tyres might be Goodyear, Firestone, or others, depending upon your year and model.

Tyre sizes for Jeep cars

Jeep Cherokee is one of the most popular Jeep models; this model is originally fitted with 215/75 R15 tyres. You can also use the following sizes: 235/70 R16 or 235/60 R17.
Off road tyres have a distinct profile that allows proper removal of water and mud from the tyre's contact area.  Jeep tyres provide good grip on the road as well as off road. Because of their profile, off road tyres are noisier. Depending on your Jeep model, you need to look for tyres that will offer good performance on the road as well as off road. - an offer by Delticom AG 20.08.2019 06:36