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Ford Tyres - for Superior Braking Abilities and Control

Ford Tyres - for Superior Braking Abilities and Control

Ford is quite a famous automobile brand, as it offers an array of products for people that are driving budget-class vehicles. Their purpose is to match the continually changing needs of every driver. A particular focus here is buying the right Ford tyres for the car and the season that you are planning to drive in.

Buying the Right Ford Tyres

General Ford Technology

New Ford Technology En Route

Ford and The Seasonal Use of Their Tyres

All-Season Tyres

Prioritising Performance with Summer Tyres

Staying Safe during Winter with Ford Winter Tyres

Investing in Tyres for Specific Cars

Introducing Racing and Off-Road Tyres

Pioneers in History

Convenient Prices for Every Driver

Buying the Right Ford Tyres

If you have no issues with the way your vehicle currently handles the road, then the smart decision here would be to keep buying your vehicle’s original equipment.

The original tyres of a car are practically those that come around with your vehicle when you are buying it brand new from the manufacturer. While no one says that you cannot use other brands of tyres on a particular car, specific tyres were made so that your vehicle gets the ultimate driving experience. By sticking to the ones that were made for your four-wheeler, you should be able to drive smoothly.

Plus, one more reason why you may want to go for original Ford tyres is that other replacements may not fit properly - and this will result in a car ride that’s not very comfortable. You’ll end up paying more on fuel and other comfort features - when all of this could have been prevented simply by installing the original tyres.

On the other hand, there is the chance that you might not feel comfortable driving with your current tyres - which is why you might want to try different options. There are various ways in which you may adjust car rides - for example, going from an all-season set of tyres to winter tyres. If that’s your preference, you may go for high-performance tyres. In this regard, you might want to discuss with the experts from mytyres.co.uk so that you may purchase only the most appropriate set of tyres for your vehicle.

General Ford Technology

If there is anything that Ford mainly focuses on, it is the performance level that they wish for their tyres to have. The features will all depend on the products that you purchase, but as a general rule, some of these features are quite common as a means of increasing the quality of safety and performance.

  • Deep grooves in an attempt to provide superior resistance to aquaplaning
  • The Silent Block Design, to provide a more progressive road treatment - along with a much quieter ride
  • Asymmetric tread design to efficiently blend handling and proper traction
  • Tough reinforced sidewalls to ensure the durability of the tyres and to prevent premature tracks from happening
  • Precise steering response regardless of the type of tyre that you choose, allowing you to maintain a straight grip on the road
  • Optimal performance, irrespective of the weather conditions
  • String traction and grip due to the meticulously designed tread pattern

You may use other brands of tyres here as well - but none of them will perform as efficiently as the tyres provided by the Ford manufacturer itself. Bear in mind that for these tyres to ensure the efficiency that you want, you will need to match them correctly. For instance, a Ford Focus will benefit more from a Ford Focus set of tyres. Sure, you may try to install the Ford Sierra tyres, but while they may fit, they may not be as comfortable on the road.

New Ford Technology En Route

One cannot disregard the passion for innovation that the brand has. Sold with the Michelin seal, Ford is preparing this year some sets of tyres that will be pretty much “patching themselves.” This feature will generally be presented in the tyres for the 2020 Ford Explorer, which are lined with a rubber sealant that is environmentally friendly and was made to fill tread punctures from sharp objects. According to them, you would be running over a nail, and you would not even know that it happened.

That being said, while these tyres are reasonably reliable, it does not mean that they are also almighty. Mainly, these tyres should be able to keep you travelling even after you have received a puncture in your wheels - sometimes going on for days without requiring any reparation. They use a special technology - but even with that, the chances are that you will need a new set of tyres after a few days.

As already mentioned, Michelin is the brand that makes the self-sealing tyres for Ford. To put it simply, the interior of these tyres have received an excellent viscous coating that will begin to flow into a puncture, sealing it once it happens. If the sealant works in the way it was designed, the chances are high that the driver will not even realise the sealant is working.

In most cases, Ford would use run-flat tyres, which would keep on rolling even after the air begins to leak out. This is possible thanks to the stiff sides that will keep the wheel running for as long as possible, preventing any further damage until you can change the flat.

As per Michelin’s claims, creating the rubber sealant proved to be quite a tricky task. It needs to be able to flow into the puncture - but at the same time, it should not be pooling at the bottom of your tyres when you hit into parking. Plus, the material needs to be airtight, with the flow happening regardless of the temperatures - be it that it’s a scorching summer day or a frigid winter night.

Ford and The Seasonal Use of Their Tyres

A set of tyres for a car is there for a couple of good reasons - and not just to make the car look pretty. First of all, a set of Ford tyres can offer the right traction between the ground and your vehicle - this way; it allows you to stay safe on the road.

Secondly, the tyres are there to support the vehicle’s load, protecting it from any shocks that might come from underneath. They also have to deal with a variety of forces that are acting on your car while in motion, providing shock-absorption properties and ensuring that you have superior stability.

For you to reap all of these benefits from a set of tyres, you will need to understand the kind of items that you are purchasing - and whether they are for summer, winter, and all season. Each type will feature its descriptive properties, and you must choose accordingly, depending on the year and performance of your Ford, along with the season during which you are planning to drive your car. Here is how you choose.

All-Season Tyres

The all-season tyre set from Ford can offer a balance of capability, offering acceptable performance in both wet and dry conditions - all while providing traction throughout the cold season (on the snow).

The all-season tyres from Ford, developed for the average driver, are made using moderate tread depths. Also, summer compounds are prepared to offer these products a longer tread life.

A set of all-season tyres is offered in a variety of models and types, sizes, load capacity, but also in speed rating. For example, you will not be able to use the same set of tyres for different types of cars. Pickup trucks, for example, will use different tyres in comparison to minivans and sedans. Regardless of their type, these all-season tyres also offer performance for the average driver.

Ford all-season tyre will perform quite well when it comes to warm weather, but they may not offer the same grip as a summer tyre. They may sacrifice some of the steering and cornering ability, but also braking. However, all-season tyres provide excellent performance when it comes to light winter conditions while delivering a longer tread life.

An all-season tyre is generally capable of providing excellent traction in winter, but it is not quite a fabulous choice when extreme winter makes its way. If your winters are particularly bad and with a lot of snow, then you might want to stop using all-season tyres and go for the winter ones instead.

Since the Ford all-season tyre provides a blend of winter and summer performance, it is a good option for drivers that reside in moderate climates and that have reasonably good driving conditions.

Prioritising Performance with Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are the ideal choice for high-performance vehicles - and most of the time, they are built for speed and agility. In comparison to the all-season tyres, the Ford summer tyres provide increased cornering abilities, responsiveness, and braking capabilities.

This is all due to a specific tread pattern, along with rubber compounds that offer high precision while you are on the road. When it comes to summer tyres, you will see that they do not have as much grooving - which means that more of the rubber will be coming in contact with the concrete on the road.

As such, summer tyres were made to offer top performance and grip over the road. The tread pattern was made to be flexible, providing better traction, along with superior grip. Plus, Ford summer tyres tend to have shallow depth treads, offering you more stability when you are pushing them at their limits.

In regards to dimensional characteristics (e.g. aspect ratio, tyre width, rim diameter), but also features such as their speed capability, one could say that summer tyres are the more appropriate choice for those that want increased wet and dry performance. They are also great for sports-oriented vehicles.

It might sound surprising to some people, but generally speaking, Ford summer tyres have a better ability to perform in wet driving conditions. Due to their special tread pattern hydroplaning is much better.

However, during the wintertime, these tyres cannot provide you with excellent traction over snow. In this case, all-season tyres are the right choice - but if the weather gets too extreme, then you might want to go with winter tyres instead.

Staying Safe During Winter with Ford Winter Tyres

If you live in colder climates, then Ford winter tyres might be the more suitable choice for you. Designed to tackle icy roads and extreme conditions successfully, these are the ones that will prevent the road from slipping right under you.

By getting winter tyres from Ford, you will receive improved braking performance when you get a lot of snow and ice on the road. Generally speaking, these tyres can perform quite well in all kinds of winter conditions. You may be facing ice, snow, mud, sleet, wet roads - or unusually cold and even dry roads. Regardless of the case, winter tyres are there to ensure you get proper grip and braking performance.

A set of winter tyres will have tread designs that are specifically made to tackle snow, ice, and other types of severe winter conditions. They will feature a specially designed tread rubber that remains flexible even at low temperatures - all for better vehicle control. Plus, the aggressive tread patterns that these Ford winter tyres possess will reduce the build-up of snow.

Many drivers also provide a sense of safety and confidence in tackling the weather winter conditions. The treads also feature biting edges for better traction on ice, therefore preventing the car from slipping on a not-so-friendly road. You should get an even sturdier grip in comparison to all-season tyres that are mostly just useful when the winter conditions are mild.

Bear in mind that a good set of winter tyres should also have the USTMAs Severe Snow Conditions Symbol. This way, you will know that it will have enough traction to support you down the road. This symbol is present in every set of Ford winter tyres, which is why you may rest assured that you are safe and in good hands - or, well, tyres.

Investing in Tyres for Specific Cars

Ford provides quite a decent number of tyres for a variety of vehicles. At this point, you have a high number of small to large-sized Ford cars, all of which will need some sturdy tyres. These tyres were made to handle quite a lot of weight, all while providing optimal performance on the road. Here are some examples of tyres that you may come across.

  • Ford B-Max: Manufactured in Romania, these tyres were made for a car that was modelled after the Ford Fusion. These tyres have quite an attractive look, and they give every driver a good combo between sporty elegance and powerful performance
  • Ford Explorer: Off-road tyres need to have a better grip in comparison to the tyres that you take down the regular road with you. For this reason, if you have a Ford Explorer, you might want to also invest in a set of good Explorer tyres that can efficiently take you down the road
  • Ford Sierra: Made in tandem with the Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion tyres, this set was made to be quite reliable throughout every season. They were made to provide speed and enhanced braking ability, regardless of the braking conditions
  • Ford Mustang: Do you need a set of tyres for a fancier car? Do you have a Ford Mustang? In that case, you might want to try out the Ford Mustang tyres, as they tend to be quite a reliable choice
  • Ford Cougar Coupe: Those of you that are fans of old school vehicles might greatly appreciate these tyres. Not only are they stylish, but they are also flexible and comfortable enough to last through pretty much any kind of road condition

These are only a few examples of Ford automobiles that you might be able to come across - and for each of these vehicles, you should be able to find the appropriate tyres. Ford works in collaboration with a variety of tyre manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone. In that regard, they will always make sure that you get only tyres of the highest quality.

Introducing Racing and Off-Road Tyres

There are countless drivers out there that like sports Ford cars - but the difference between these cars and the standard family car is that the former are supposed to go much faster. As a result, since they are supposed to go very fast, they also need to have better traction and higher stability in comparison.

Thanks to this technology, these tyres are generally used in competitions when Ford sports cars are involved. They provide optimum control in any kind of situation, allowing you to maintain both your calm and your speed on the road - even in circumstances where you have to make some crazy moves.

Pioneers in History

Ford Motor Company was and always will be one of the true pioneers when it comes to automobile construction. With its headquarters in Dearborn, a suburb of Michigan, Detroit, the company was started in 1903 by Henry Ford. It is one of the very few companies that managed to survive the Great Depression, and that was able to raise itself in the rank even further.

At this point, the company encompasses not only one, but two brands: Lincoln and Ford itself. Ford also used to own a few other luxury brands, including Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercury, and Aston Martin. Throughout time, Ford sold those brands to other companies - all except for Mercury. That brand, in particular, got discontinued.

That being said, while Ford changed quite a lot throughout time, there’s still one thing that remains certain - and that’s its place in history. Henry Ford was the one to introduce the world’s first conveyor belt assembly lines - a fact that eventually led to the industrialisation of synthetic rubber. This enabled them to create the first lines of tyres as well, completely changing the road game from that point on.

Convenient Prices for Every Driver

In a time where every car expense can be very costly, the last thing you want is a set of tyres that will cost you an arm and a leg. While Ford uses the latest technology for their tyres and also makes use of high-quality materials, the company still manages to keep the price at a minimum - an amount that can be handled even by those that are shopping on a budget.

When you are shopping for Ford tyres, you should also bear in mind that the price will depend on the type of vehicle as well as the size of the tyres that you wish to purchase. In most cases, you will have to check the specs of the tyres - but by simply adding the year and model of your car, you should be able to find a very convenient deal that will help you remain on budget.

Plus, if you order more than two tyres from this platform, your delivery is free - regardless of where you are. The only thing that you have to be careful about is that you purchase the right size - because once they get to your doorstep, they become yours. However, keep in mind that Ford also provides a 30-day return policy for those that are not happy with the tyres that they got.

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