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The history of Citroen started in 1919 when the first Citroen A model was produced. Nowadays, Citroen is one of the most important European car manufacturers. Their range contains from compact and medium class cars to luxurious vehicles and minivans. Their range of tyres for Citroen is also diverse. Among their popular models there are:

  • CitroŽn C1
  • CitroŽn C3
  • CitroŽn C4
  • CitroŽn C4 Picasso
  • CitroŽn C5
  • CitroŽn C6
  • CitroŽn C8

Most car models are fitted directly with Michelin tyres. Some C3 models are fitted with Bridgestone tyres. When choosing tyres for Citroen cars you can also select tyres produced by other tyre manufactures. The tyre size that should be used depends on the car model and the offered performance. When it comes to compact class vehicles, the offer is relatively limited. For the Citroen C2 model with 1.1 l engine, the recommended tyre size is 175/65 R14, while for the Citroen C3 model you can choose between 185/65 R15, 195/55 R16 or 205/45 R17. For the Citroen C8 model, different size tyres can be used as long as their width does not exceed 215 mm. You can check what sizes are approved for your car by checking the registration certificate or the carís identity card. - an offer by Delticom AG 26.05.2019 06:33