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BMW X5 tyres

The BMW X5 is an SUV and has been on the market since 1999 and was the first vehicle in this class from the Bavarian car company - however, it is not a complete off-road vehicle, but this is true for almost all SUVs which are more a kind of lifestyle vehicle. By the way BMW describes the X5 as an SAV which stands for sports activity vehicle. The first generation was manufactured in the USA where it was put on the market earlier than here - the X5 has been available in Germany since 2000. Initially there were two engines offered, a V6 petrol engine with 231 bhp and an eight cylinder petrol engine with 286 bhp. Later a diesel engine and a petrol engine with 347 bhp were added. In 2003 a face-lift was performed which included primarily changes to the front and to the range of engines.

Between 2006 and 2013 BMW produced the second X5 product line (E70) the sale of which started later in Germany after it had been started in the USA where the SUV is manufactured. This where the manufacturer also perceives the major market.
The all-wheel drive for the E70 was improved, however, the main focus was still on the use on the road. One innovation was the optional third row of seats. Meanwhile the third generation of the BMW X5 is on the market with the all-wheel drive xDrive and an eight-speed automatic as standard equipment. No matter which model and model year you drive - you can get BMW X5 tyres at mytyres.co.uk. You profit from reasonable prices and a large selection of sizes and manufacturers. We guarantee you will find the right BMW X5 tyres.

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