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Snow chains

Snow chains may be one of the most useful inventions when it comes to driving your car across roads covered in heavy ice and snow. Any driver knows how suddenly the weather can change for the worse, which is why we recommend always carrying a pair of snow chains. They also happen to be mandatory in many European countries, in regions marked clearly by road signs. Many of these regions are quite large and often popular winter sports resorts. Be prepared and buy a pair of snow chains - for example, from

Ladder and diamond chains

Snow chains are net-shaped devices fitted over the tread of a tyre, and there are various types to choose from. Ladder chains ensure that tyres don't spin out of control and are installed transversally across the tread of the tyres on the driving axle. Diamond chains can be fitted to the steering axle and act against lateral sliding. Most snow chains are combinations of these two basic types. If you just need something to help you leave your snow-covered property, something so you can continue driving on the cleaned roads without snow chains, you might be interested in simple to remove traction aids.

Snow chains for heavy vehicles

Commercial vehicles like trucks usually need specialised snow tyres. Classical choices are zig-zag chains for heavy utility vehicles, diamond cross chains for regular and light commercial vehicles, or even double diamond chains for agricultural and forestry vehicles.

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