Rims can put the finishing touches to a vehicle. Regardless of whether sporty or elegant - matching to the nature of car and driver is more important. That's what we offer on mytyres.co.uk: the proper rim for everyone. A wide range of alloy and steel rims is the basis. Browse our online shop and order the rim which suits you best. Here's how it works: Enter manufacturer, model and type of your car. We only show you car wheels that are licensed for your vehicle.



Different types of rims:

Alloy or Steel Rims

In autumn many drivers switch from alloy to steel rims as steel is none the worse for winter - road salt is unable to harm them and debris can be wiped away easily. But it doesn't mean that they have to to duck out of sight - and there are the good old wheel hub caps at a pinch.

However: Nowadays many manufacturer offer handsome designs although not that filigree as the alloy wheel ones because of the flexibility and ductility of the material. In return steel rims impress by their ruggedness which makes them popular with off-road vehicle drivers. When they touch kerbsides or even rocks, steel rims can still be used. Alloy rims have to be handled with care as they are more susceptible to damages. But the light material not only has a design benefit - it also helps saving fuel. That's something the manufacturer of steel wheels are working on - with first results available in shops. At the end many drivers still prefer this rim option due to the cheaper prices; and they are in no way inferior to alloy rims regarding travel comfort.

Large Choice, Small Prices

For using alloy rims even in winter, many products are powder-coated for making them more resistant to environmental influences, road salt and grit. A regular cleaning is essential, though. In summer just wipe away dirt and brake dust for making the rim shine again. By the way, during the ordering process you will already get an idea of the look of the new rim on your car. Our database contains images of all cars to be combined with the selected rim. At the end not every car is good-looking with a seven-doublespoke alloy rim. Especially extravagant wheels are reserved for sporty vehicles for a look being inherently consistent. In our online shop you can check out products without ruffle or excitement. We deliver to the address of your choice you name at the end of the order process.

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