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Federal SS-595 185/55 R14 80H BSW BSW

Please note: We only supply the tyre. Even if a rim is shown in the photo, it is not included in the price.


Federal SS-595
185/55 R14 80H BSW

Stock Level
In Stock
Type of Tyre
Summer tyresSummer tyres
Speed Index
H: 130 mph/210 km/h !
EU Tyre Label

Roll resistance F Wet grip E Noise emissions 374 dB
Customer Ratings
£ 48.40

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The SS595 is Federal's international ultra-high performance tyre, developed for flagship sports cars requiring flat-out per-formance as well as excellent riding comfort. While Federal's latest fundamental tyre technology, TTIC, gives wou smoother, faster and safer driving, the newly developed M.P.O.(Magnify Performance Optimization) technology also offers the driver a more consistent performance not just when new but through-out the whole life of the tyre.
Flange protector protects alloy rims from curb damage
Hexiform bead profile efficiently locks tyre onto wheel rim
Three Radius Tread Arc (T.R.T.A) delivers even pressure across the contact patch
Opti-noise technology for a quiet ride
Uni-directional tread pattern

Label: F-E-74

Tyre label / efficiency classes

We sell car tyres as 'new' if they are no older than two years.

Within this time span, there are labelled (manufactured after 01/07/2012) and unlabelled (manufactured before 01/07/2012) tyres with the same item number by the same manufacturer available for purchase.

Tyres of the same item number can be combined onto one axle of a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they have a label, as they have identical efficiency classes. Each respective manufacturer provides us with a verification of this.

We are sent the efficiency class values for each tyre from the manufacturer along with the item number or the IP Code and we pass these directly on to the customer regardless of production date, unless the item is older than 2 years.

We would like to point out explicitly that you may receive an item with this item number that does not have a tyre label attached to it as it was manufactured prior to 01/07/2012.

In this case, the following performance classes are valid:

Roll resistance: F, Wet grip: E, Noise emissions: 74 dB.

If the tyre was manufactured after 01/07/2012, the tyre label displayed to the left is valid.

Customer Ratings SS-595:

Average based on 1851 test results +2.28+2.28+2.280-
Grip in dry conditions +1.9762+1.9762+1.9762+1.9762-
Braking in dry conditions +2.0313+2.0313+2.03130-
Grip in wet conditions +2.9136+2.9136+2.9136--
Braking in wet conditions +2.9649+2.9649+2.9649--
Driving comfort +2.6996+2.6996+2.69960-
Internal noise level +2.9130+2.9130+2.9130--
Tyre wear +2.5197+2.5197+2.51970-
Fuel consumption +0.0135+0.0135+0.0135+0.0135+0.0135
Kilometres driven 12,010

03/06/2014 from Max
Tyres are spot on for my usage on a dry weather car, with 350 hp on the rear tyres they grip in and bite down well for budgets. I do however feel that the tyres would grip fine in wet conditions. Having driven very limited in the rain i'm unable to make a 100% decision on this. The pattern is aesthetically pleasing and the rim protector edge keeps the wheel safer when close to a kerb parking. They ride nice aswel, fuel consumption is about the same as the last set. Not bad for cheaper tyres in my honest opinion.

Very poor tyre, really not focused or suitable for performance ! Any power and it breaks traction on anything other than hot days.

07/02/2014 from johnboy
This is a budget tyre with alot of good performance all round, i have bought these for years now, i have 4 brand new alloys which still have no kerb damage or flaking of the paint due to 15mm of flange/rim protector sticking out from the side wall and also makes it look wider and
pretty cool. go for it!!!

26/09/2013 from wade mcghee
not much good in the snow but it is a summer tyre, swapped the federals out for Falken winter tyres but will happily put the Feds back on next spring!

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