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Pirelli W 240 Sottozero S2 235/35 R19 87V , N1 BSW BSW

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Pirelli W 240 Sottozero S2
235/35 R19 87V N1 BSW

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Type of Tyre
Winter tyresWinter tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol with snow flake symbol
Speed Index
V: 149 mph/240 km/h !
part number (sku)
EU Tyre Label
Roll resistance C Wet grip C Noise emissions 272 dB
Customer Ratings
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An innovative tyre for sports cars and medium to high-powered saloons, it offers excellent driving safety in all road conditions during the cold weather season.
For demanding drivers, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ Serie II guarantees excellent performance on dry roads, in the wet and in the presence of snow. In temperatures below 7°C, it counters aquaplaning more effectively when compared to a summer tyre.
The asymmetric tread pattern is divided into two distinct elements. The inner area expels water effectively whilst the external area, with its more rigid and spaced blocks, ensures high levels of grip on snow. These features on the W270 version are enhanced by the exclusive patented twin-compound solution.
Characterised by low rolling resistance, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ Serie II also provides low noise levels, enhancing comfort in the cabin.

Label: C-C-72

Tyre label / efficiency classes

We sell car tyres as 'new' if they are no older than two years.

Within this time span, there are labelled (manufactured after 01/07/2012) and unlabelled (manufactured before 01/07/2012) tyres with the same item number by the same manufacturer available for purchase.

Tyres of the same item number can be combined onto one axle of a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they have a label, as they have identical efficiency classes. Each respective manufacturer provides us with a verification of this.

We are sent the efficiency class values for each tyre from the manufacturer along with the item number or the IP Code and we pass these directly on to the customer regardless of production date, unless the item is older than 2 years.

We would like to point out explicitly that you may receive an item with this item number that does not have a tyre label attached to it as it was manufactured prior to 01/07/2012.

In this case, the following performance classes are valid:

Roll resistance: C, Wet grip: C, Noise emissions: 72 dB.

If the tyre was manufactured after 01/07/2012, the tyre label displayed to the left is valid.

Please note: manufacturers advise that the tyre label only offers a restricted overview of a tyre’s performance, particularly in regards to winter tyres, as no form of performance in winter conditions is displayed on the label.

Customer Ratings W 240 Sottozero S2:

Average based on 167 test results +1.91+1.91+1.91+1.91-
Grip in dry conditions +1.9521+1.9521+1.9521+1.9521-
Braking in dry conditions +1.9641+1.9641+1.9641+1.9641-
Grip in wet conditions +1.9521+1.9521+1.9521+1.9521-
Braking in wet conditions +1.9042+1.9042+1.9042+1.9042-
Grip in snow +1.8383+1.8383+1.8383+1.8383-
Driving comfort +1.9820+1.9820+1.9820+1.9820-
Internal noise level +2.1737+2.1737+2.17370-
Tyre wear +2.5749+2.5749+2.57490-
Fuel consumption +0.1856+0.1856+0.1856+0.1856+0.1856
Kilometres driven 9,030

01/12/2013 from M McKay
Outstanding grip in all weather conditions - inevitably fairly rapid wear is the compromise you have to accept if you drive to its limits

13/06/2013 from Jambers
Excellent all rounder, absolutely amazing in snow, but slightly squiggly when the temperature was above 8 deg C

16/05/2012 from Sd0514
Excellent in snow and ice

07/06/2010 from B. Innes
Excellent performance on all winter driving conditions during one of the worst winters in Scotland for 30 years! I would definitely recommend this tyre for winter driving for all Porsche sports car owners.

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