Car Wheels

Car wheels are available in different versions. For some they are required accessory, for others wheels should emphasise the car's nature or even being an eyecatcher. At you'll find the proper rim made of steel or alloy with a large choice of designs and colours. After naming manufacturer, model and type of your vehicle, we present you the wheels licenced for your car.


Types of wheels

Alloy or Steel Car Wheels?

Beforce ordering new car rims you have to decide: alloy or steel? Especially in winter many drivers prefer the tougher material as alloy can be harmed by road salt. It's quite soft which makes it more mouldable on the other hand for producing fancy wheels. Debrise can be removed with a moist cloth or sponge, but to play it safe a steel rim is better - all the more for SUVs and offroad-vehicles.


Powder-coated alloy rims are another option as there are a bit more resistant to environmental influences. However, touching kerbsides they don't condone - scratches are even the most harmless impact which should only be repaired by an expert. He inspects the car wheel for other damages as well. Alloy rims don't offer a weight benefit anymore as steel rims have become lighter. Finally it's a matter of taste and the look decides what rim to buy. makes it possible to judge the rim appearance at your car before ordering. Extravagant wheels don't sit well on every vehicle. Browse our range of goods without ruffle or excitement and order you favourite car rim for an economy prices.

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